Monday, 13 July 2015

Is BMS the Future need for Hospitals?

A stuffy corridor with scent of bleach everywhere, automatic sliding glass doors, sounds of ambulances lined outside the building, paramedics wheeling the patients on trolleys, patients waiting for doctors to examine them and at the same time emergencies arriving with patients in critical conditions being rushed to the operation theaters and much much more. This is a normal scenario which goes on everyday at hospitals.
Hospital is a place which gives hope everyday to thousands of people and they have to be well equipped with all the facilities. From lower to higher levels everyone has to work efficiently, there has to be a focus on everything including patients care, security, cleanliness and hygiene, discipline, proper facilities for both patients and doctors etc. This all can be achieved with a proper building management system being installed in hospitals.

Today all the good hospitals have building management systems which ensures security and comfort at the place. Ezzi Engineering has installed latest BMS in many modern buildings and commercial places. Its system not only are built with modern facilities but also build automation systems for hospitals and other medical facilities saving cost and providing security for all the patients and their attendants.

Hospitals need an automation system which can control a number of facilities from one point. The automation system will be responsible for functioning of HVAC, intrusion and security, fire and life safety, nurse call system and many other systems which can be monitored and managed smoothly. A hospital with BMS will be safe and secured place for all the doctors, patients, attendants and other occupants.

HVAC system

HVAC heat and cool the hospitals, they have to function smoothly regulating the temperatures. Few rooms would have to be kept cool like operation theatres or storage rooms while few rooms would require moderate temperatures.BMS in the hospital would tune the HVAC settings accordingly based on requirements. Proper comfort zones have to be developed for patients to cure and for the doctors to treat them.

Intrusion and security

Security is a major concern in all the hospitals. Most of them are equipped with CCTV and card access controls with video surveillance to keep a track of everyone entering and leaving the premises. Hospitals are huge places with many floors and buildings and have to be monitored at all the time. A proper BMS like that by Ezzi Engineering can do it.

Fire and life safety

Break out of fire can be alarming at hospitals and can cause great damage to lives and property. BMS can control the situation much before and reduce the loss by alerting the staff to take preventive measures.


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