Monday, 26 August 2013

Ezzi Engineering Providing Safe and Reliable Wiring Solutions

“Protecting things you value”, is rightly so the philosophy of Ezzi Engineering. Living up to its name of providing quality products and services, the group aspires to be the leading name in Building, Protection and Automation.

The architectural trends of the present era have developed much with the fast paced tradition of the ever growing technological and scientific knowledge. This has led to the outburst of modernistic, contemporary designs and outlook of even the very basic of the infrastructures. Ezzi Engineering hence considers itself the solutions provider which helps bridge the gap between you and the latest market trends.

A comprehensive range of wiring devices is one of the arenas Ezzi Engineering caters to. Be it the wireless powered switch, the Logic Plus range or an Astral advanced lighting control system, MK takes care of all products and solutions for all installations and applications.

Operating since 1919, MK Electric is the world’s leading manufacturer for Electrical and data connectivity solutions. MK Electric for over 55 years has made its mark throughout the Asia Pacific region as the most trusted, and respected in terms of providing top of the quality, safe and reliable wiring solutions. Ezzi Engineering is backed by this innovation driven quality solution provider for its diverse range of wiring services.

Complimenting interiors MK’s Slimline offers design which is most stylish, practical and unobtrusive. Keeping the tradition of reliability MK’s Slimline offers an unbelievable 12 year warranty promising toughness and reliability.

Similarly Masterseal excels in outdoor services for use in areas exposed to heavy splashes of water and dust. Stressing much on safety, Masterseal promises you protection of yourself and the electrical supply from the most hazardous of the environments.

Avant, Commando and Aspect are the lines of MK which Ezzi Engineer proudly offers, keeping in view our clients’ safety and peace of mind.


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