Saturday, 26 September 2015

Safety should be the top most priority

I still remember the scene years back when I was just 10 years old and the apartments near to my house caught fire. It was right in the morning when everyone started screaming and a chaos broke up on the road, people started running and throwing buckets of water until the fire fighters came to rescue the place.

But there had been many casualties; I still remember the faces of people while searching for their loved ones. It was a nightmare and due to the event still at the age of 35 hearing about fire breakout frightens me to death. Having a well planned fire and life safety system is important at all places.

No place is safe;

  • In offices fire breakouts can be by problems in electrical wirings and connections, overheating or malfunctioning of HVAC, intentionally or even by smoking.
  •  In industries and manufacturing sites fire breakout are common and can occur due to mishandling of flammable or combustible liquids, electrical wirings and connections, smoking materials, dust and fibre or intentionally.
  •  At mercantile places in the kitchen area due to cooking or heating, electrical wiring's and connections, smoking materials or intentionally
  • At religious places due to electrical wirings and connections, intentionally or by lightning candles etc. 

Therefore important fire and life safety measures have to be taken in order to protect the place from dangerous mishaps.

Looking at the scenario in the past few years Fire and Life Safety in Pakistan has become important. Karachi has seen huge loss of lives and properties by the breakout of fire; garment factory at SITE, State Life building, the towel factory in New Karachi, tissue paper factory in Karachi’s Shershah area and many other horrifying incidence are lessons to learn from.

Ezzi Engineering ensure fire and life safety in Pakistan, they have a standardized building management system along with different fire alarms and fire management system, gas detection systems in Pakistan, fire detection, fire suppression and video smoke detection systems which can control the sudden outburst of fire, alert people of the danger, immediately call the rescue services, take all preventive measures and minimize the loses caused.

Ezzi Engineering use high tension electrical transmission fittings along with cable trays System Emergency and Exit Lights Solution and Electrical Wiring Accessories which are of high quality and tough enough to withstand huge pressures. In case of fire breakouts these emergency and exit lights also guide the people towards proper routes of escape.

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