Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Right public address system for you!

Ask any musician, drama player or a stage show lover if they were born in ancient Roman times and how they would feel if given a chance to act or watch a play in one of the amphitheatres in Athens?

Amphitheatres were famous in ancient Greece and they were meant to gather huge number of audience at one place, the concept of public address systems has emerged from those amphitheatres, where the system was so loud that even turning of pages by the orator was heard. However it used more of the natural systems, today's technology is quiet different and powerful.

Ezzi Engineering deals with a number of well known brands including TOA sound system in Pakistan, Bosch sound system in Pakistan and Honeywell public address system. These all brands have combined together latest technologies and created amplifiers, microphones and speakers ideal for public places. The systems are carefully designed with high quality sound outputs. Ezzi Engineering is the Bosch distributors in Pakistan.

Public Address System in Pakistan are needed at many places including offices, hospitals, industries, universities, outdoor events, announcements etc or they are even needed at time of emergencies. Ezzi Engineering has designed public address system for many huge commercial projects, they not only design the system but also provide services and after sale services when needed.

There is a constant innovation going on the field of Speakers and amplifiers in Pakistan, every week we look at new models with different features and sound qualities. Ezzi Engineering stays with the world and provides its customers with all latest systems and gadgets. There are a lot of different public address systems available in the market but an individual has to choose what he requires.

Identify the need and type of system required

Looking on the use of public address system, the most important thing is to identify that the system is required for what range. Whether you need it for a public announcement in a ground or for a board meeting or for a huge hospital or for any emergency call. For different places individual systems will vary;
  • sensitivity of your speakers
  • size of the room, and
  • required volume 
Power requirements

Different public address systems will require different frequency of power to run, however the sensitivity of the speaker will play a huge role in utilizing the power, a low sensitivity speaker will need more power to achieve the same volume level.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Early warning aspirator smoke detectors

Few days back while walking through the street I read this phrase written on one of the bill boards

"Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury"

The words were so catchy and true that they appealed and amazed me. Safety is one of the most important aspects in everyone's life. We want our houses, work places and all other surroundings to be safe; when we leave our homes we ensure that the door locks are closed, security guard standing outside our office gates gives us a feeling of security and many other everyday examples guarantee the importance of security.

Ezzi Engineering is a well known name in the industry. It has designed a number of projects related to fire and life safety. They are responsible for installations, testing and commissioning with after sales services preventive maintenance and SLA for the installed fire alarm, suppression and fire fighting systems. Their products comply with international fire and safety design standards.

Aspirator system in Pakistan by Ezzi Engineering is capable of detecting fire at a very early stage before the smoke increases leading to huge fire breakout. The Honeywell Aspirator system is developed using latest technology which has made its response rate much quicker. Aspirator fire detection system is an important tool; it can work for any type of building and save numerous lives and property when danger strikes.

If at the most initial stage of fire breakout in the building the fire alarm rings and alerts the people to exit the premises, won't it save much more lives and many more people will get the time to exit the building safely. The Honeywell Aspirator system gives the earliest warnings of fire hazards. It gives multiple warnings repeatedly until the level of smoke rises and room is occupied with fire.

Ezzi Engineering is the Honeywell distributor in Pakistan. They deal with all Honeywell products and Faast aspirator system which are renowned globally for their efficiency and rapid functioning in case of fire breakouts. Irrespective of the size of the places and the number of people there aspirator fire detector is reliable, highly sensitive and gives early warning if the smoke is detected.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Fire protection for modern architecture

Modern architecture and building designs are different from those in the past. If we start comparing both, modern day needs are quite different; huge buildings have wide open areas, flat ceilings, strong linear elements and bold horizontal and vertical features, wooden and glass interiors and exteriors, even ceiling to floor glass windows and sliding doors. Using traditional and old fire detectors in these complex structures will be of no use, it would not only be ineffective but also difficult to maintain and function.

Today's fire detection systems are technologically advanced and are capable to react quickly giving out waning signals immediately in case smoke is detected. For safety in many buildings the huge wide spaces are equipped with fire alarms and smoke detectors. Considering a few examples of hotel lobbies, shopping malls, manufacturing units, theatres, stadiums, long airport terminals and other places, all should be equipped for fire disasters.

Ezzi Engineering are the suppliers of modern fire detection systems which are technologically advanced and meet today's requirements. They are the Honeywell distributers in Pakistan, one of the renowned brands globally. Ezzi Engineering has provided design assistance for fire and life safety products to huge commercial projects as well as successfully handled smaller scale work.

Aspiration smoke detection

The aspiration smoke detection by Ezzi Engineering is suitable for various designs of buildings, warehouses and factories. It is integrated according to the characteristics of the place, like is there a high bay racking or is it a mezzanine floor or an empty space. They are located and spaced depending on the expected flow of smoke and air which would be caused by fire breakout in the area.

Aspiration systems can be placed anywhere, either on the wall or columns or rack frames. But care has to be taken that they are not blocked by other objects. In huge halls and corridors they can be placed in the centre with the pipe network extending outward towards the walls.


An aspirating smoke detector is the wise choice for fire and life safety, it covers the whole area completely as it is a flexible device and can hold various horizontal and vertical sampling point locations.

The device sends various warning signals to alert the occupants of the place of the danger so that proper evacuation can be carried out

Its inspection, testing and maintenance is easy and cost saving.

The performance of aspirating smoke detector is reliable and consistent.

There are a number of benefits of using the aspirating smoke detector, to have further assistance log on to


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