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How important are Emergency Lights at Place of Accident?

Public places are all brightly illuminated, mostly people prefer to eat, work and shop around in bright places. Shops are filled with different types of lightning solutions for commercial and residential purposes. For a second if we think that accidently all the areas in a public place which is unfamiliar to us become dark, electricity goes off and some smell of smoke or fire is seen from a nearby place. The place is unfamiliar and no one knows the exit route? There will be a lot of panic in people and everyone will be running anxiously to find a way out until the emergency exits are turned on immediately. These exit pints at that time will be a relieve for people and the survival route. Ezzi engineering is the manufacturer of such emergency and exit light solutions. It supplies one of the best solutions needed at the right place at the right time.

Marshall emergency lights by Ezzi Engineering are placed at all escape doors, escape routes, meeting points of the corridors, final exits and external escape places, all floor levels, bathrooms, windowless rooms and near fire fighting equipments and other places. It ensures that no point of escape is left at time of emergency and people can easily locate the fire fighting equipments, shut down machines and escape the lifts when needed. All these emergency lights are in non maintained mode and only operate at the time of emergency or whenever needed like in the case of electricity failure. They have an option to be switched on/off whenever needed. They can also be switched to maintained mode and switched on all the time. In whichever mode they are they will be activated immediately upon emergency.

To install these emergency lightning solutions fire protection engineers and life safety consultants are there to help which locate them in right positions. The architects, engineers and builder in their design inculcate all the fire protection exits and life safety amenities for the emergency situations. The installation of emergency lightning solutions in then done after studying the design of the building or the plot. Marshall emergency lights have different types of solutions including semi flush mounted wall, flush mounted walls/ ceilings, high quality exit ceilings, elegant wall mounted, classic wall mounted etc.. They are all efficient and have proved effective whenever needed. All of these emergency lightning are connected to emergency back up or a 60 second power supply or other external sources so that they stay lighted for longer hours and if one source fails to operate a secondary source is present for backup in case of emergency.

Emergency lightning's not only help the visitors to escape the place but also point to location of fire fighting safety equipments and shut down machines which can be risky in case of emergency. Ezzi Engineering has always paid high emphasis on testing the emergency lightning solutions prior to its use, no matter how accurately they are manufactured and located testing is important. Always a post occupancy inspection and test is done and if needed necessary changes are done in its adjustment. People security and safety can never be taken for granted and 100% working machines are needed in case of emergency. Then it becomes the owner's responsibility to regularly check the emergency lightning solutions and make necessary adjustments.

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From leisure to work to Safety Hand held Metal Detectors can be trusted.

Explorers used metal detectors to search the beach and find the hidden coins and treasures; we have read this in stories and at time have heard this. Today metal detectors are commonly used for security purposes. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure; and precaution is better than cure. We see various safety measures implemented to all places may it be a luxury hotel or a park or any museum. Metal detector is one name with many uses; few people associate it with airport security while others relate it with safety at the shopping mall. Ezzi Engineering is in the business of manufacturing and supplying hand held metal detection systems. It manufactures one of the best systems under the brands license which have always proved to be effective at work station. It is one name to trust in handling safety and building protection and automation.

Almost every day we all come across metal detector technology; when entering our parking areas or workplaces or parks from leisure to work to safety. Airports, schools, office buildings, government agencies, prisons, shopping malls etc all need security as they are public places and anyone can enter carrying life threatening objects. Metal detectors are used for security as they can detect metal objects like weapons. These detectors are easy to use and light weighted so can be carried without any problem.

Ezzi Engineering supplies high quality metal detectors which can easily detect if anyone entering the premises has something fishy. A typical metal detector has a circuit, controls, speakers, batteries and microprocessor. If any metallic object is detected with a person the detector senses it and sends the signal. The guard who has the detector stops the person from entering the premises and checks him thoroughly to ensure safety. The working of the detector is also very simple; just turn on the detector and move slowly over the person or the place to be inspected, if it detects something wrong signals will be transmitted. An advanced version of hand held detector can also display the type of metal detected and the exact place of the metal object.

The hand held metal detectors either work on very low frequency or pulse indications or beat frequency oscillations. Apart from security concerns metal detectors can also be used to find buried objects, their depth varies and it usually depends on the different types of metals and the materials which are combined to form that metal piece like iron has the tendency to create strong magnetic force around itself, if the metal is made of iron it will be more prone to detection as compared to other metal. Another factor which effects the detection is the size of the material and the makeup of it. Few elements are natural conductors and this interferes in the detection signals. Apart from things buried inside at times there are materials lying above the ground which block the detection of object inside like the cables or pipes or power lines. Hence whoever is detecting the objects has to be clever enough to do it smartly. Any hand held metal detector can only be made productive and effective if used properly at proper place.

Hand held metal detectors have many uses; they are used by coin collectors to search for old coins, by metal collectors and treasure hunters searching for valuable objects like gold nuggets or by relic hunters who are looking for historical things. Shopping malls, airports, buildings and event security, archeological exploration, geological research and for recovery of items hand held metal detectors are used widely. To get one now order from and get your piece to increase security and confidence at work.


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