Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to improve fire and life safety

It was few months back only that I was babysitting a kid when suddenly the gas detection system started to ring in the next room and felt like some smoke smell coming. Immediately I picked up the kid and we left the premises, it was on that day the gas detection system put up by Ezzi Engineering saved our lives. 

Fire and life safety measures are important for every place. Strict policies and principles should be implemented and maintained in case some mishap occurs. This would reduce loss of lives, properties, injuries and other crises.

Almost all modern architecture today is well equipped with fire and life safety equipment's. Ezzi Engineering is the known name in the area. It has supplied fire and life safety equipment's to many huge modern projects.

Classic example of fire and life safety project by Ezzi Engineering

The entry and exit points of the building are protected with CCTV and Card Access Control so that no intruders can enter and the corridors have Cable Trays System Emergency and Exit Lights Solution.

Building has gas detection systems in various rooms on all the floors which immediately ring in case of any emergency so that instant measures could be taken.

High quality electrical wiring accessories are used in the building with High Tension Electrical Transmission Fittings which ensures electrical safety.

Further the building management system plays a huge role in safeguarding the building and ensuring fire and life safety on all floors. In case it detects some danger the system will immediately shut down all electrical supplies and alert people to escape the premises reducing much loss of life and property.

Role of organization in safeguarding its workforce in case of emergency

Organization should play a vital role in training its workforce in case of fire and life safety. Ezzi Engineering products would alert people to take instant measures but the workforce should be well prepared as to what should be done in case of emergency; which exit points or stair cases to use, whom to contact, how to avoid chaos and so on.

It is always recommended to have a proactive approach then to suffer the consequences.


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