Monday, 11 April 2016

S-Quad in Black for Bold Aesthetics!

S-Quad Detectors of Gent by Honeywell have been leading all Fire Detecting Systems available in the market today. Gent has announced that since Aesthetics is being a key element in Architectural world today; its multi-sensor fire detector range is now available in black!
Ben Wolf; the Product Manager of Gent said ‘Aesthetics are an increasingly important consideration within modern buildings and architects and their customers often insist that design continuity be maintained’. Thus while white detectors didn’t blend with the surroundings, the black ones are now more visually bold.

S-quad being a multi- sensor can easily and appropriately detect combustions such as heat, smoke, carbon monoxide. Appropriately in the sense; that it is the right sensor which avoids False Alarms and saves you from expensive costs of it.

Be safe and secure by contacting a trusted name in the industry since 1996 Ezzi Engineering for the installations of your life safety Fire Alarm & Smoke detection Systems!

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