Thursday, 24 December 2015

Fire doors in buildings

A few days back I went to visit my clients office, what happened next was a disastrous mishap I could not forget for my entire life. While we were busy in our meeting on the 10th floor of the building fire alarms sounded up and a chaos broke up everywhere, everyone started running not knowing what to do. But luckily the building was fully equipped for such situations.

The office had Stainless steel fire doors and central space was separated from cabins with the fire compartment walls. Therefore just a few areas suffered the damage and the fire
fighters came in no time to safeguard the place. The stainless steel fire doors were strong
enough to hold the fire and it did not spread into the cabins holding important assets of the

The most positive aspect after this tragic incident was that the office started working on its
normal routine in just a week mostly property and other assets were safe and the minimum
damage done was repaired within few days, we also got our usual orders and everything was
back to norm. This event proved that fire doors are one of the most important assets in any
place and for business continuity.

 Ezzi Engineering is the Fire doors manufacturers, who have certified fire doors in many different designs to match your interiors. The UL listed fire rated doors at Ezzi Engineering are fully equipped to safeguard and prevent the fire from passing through it saving the place and many precious lives. Fire doors are often marked with signs, information and directions to escape. In many newly constructed buildings they are placed dividing the various areas of the building so that in case of emergency the fire can be trapped in one compartment whileother places are safe.

There are many different types of fire doors, few are just used as regular doors in normal situations while others stay closed and only react to fire alarms. In case of danger they automatically close and seal the area. But it is always important that the doors have been tested and inspected regularly and are working properly complying with all the fire codes that are required at the time. The ones that have to be replaced are changed with new ones.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Fire Suppression System

What is engineering? What is it all about?

James A. Michener has rightly stated “Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.”

Exactly! That is what engineering is all about. The crux of engineering has been well put in the few words of James A. Michener. Indeed things innovated and researched create dreams which remain dreams till brought into implementation. Engineers are the people who foster and ensure this process of implementation. They are the doers, implementers, and the people who carry out things in society.

The engineers make our world more comfortable and easy everyday by implementing the great ideas, using science, technology, creativity and innovation. Ezzi engineering- a brand known for its fine engineering, innovative products and state of the art design and services has occupied a very important position in the engineering services in Pakistan.

The fire suppression system is one of the most important security systems that every facility should be endowed with. Security of your people, your building and the entire system is what makes it more valuable and safe. In case of fire, the suppression system works to take care of the fire immediately without delaying the matter.

The fire suppression system offered by Ezzi Engineering is of international standards collaborating with the best service providers internationally. The price estimation is offered according to the diversity of your facility and the standard price set by the international arena. At Ezzi Engineering we aim to provide services which are par excellence, as naturally we have standards to maintain. It is our due attention to delighting our customers which makes us competitive and in demand by the nation.

Everyday security concerns have also multiplied the demand of a well developed fire suppression system in Pakistan. We aim to keep you safe, secure and most of all prepared for any unforeseen circumstance.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Right public address system for you!

Ask any musician, drama player or a stage show lover if they were born in ancient Roman times and how they would feel if given a chance to act or watch a play in one of the amphitheatres in Athens?

Amphitheatres were famous in ancient Greece and they were meant to gather huge number of audience at one place, the concept of public address systems has emerged from those amphitheatres, where the system was so loud that even turning of pages by the orator was heard. However it used more of the natural systems, today's technology is quiet different and powerful.

Ezzi Engineering deals with a number of well known brands including TOA sound system in Pakistan, Bosch sound system in Pakistan and Honeywell public address system. These all brands have combined together latest technologies and created amplifiers, microphones and speakers ideal for public places. The systems are carefully designed with high quality sound outputs. Ezzi Engineering is the Bosch distributors in Pakistan.

Public Address System in Pakistan are needed at many places including offices, hospitals, industries, universities, outdoor events, announcements etc or they are even needed at time of emergencies. Ezzi Engineering has designed public address system for many huge commercial projects, they not only design the system but also provide services and after sale services when needed.

There is a constant innovation going on the field of Speakers and amplifiers in Pakistan, every week we look at new models with different features and sound qualities. Ezzi Engineering stays with the world and provides its customers with all latest systems and gadgets. There are a lot of different public address systems available in the market but an individual has to choose what he requires.

Identify the need and type of system required

Looking on the use of public address system, the most important thing is to identify that the system is required for what range. Whether you need it for a public announcement in a ground or for a board meeting or for a huge hospital or for any emergency call. For different places individual systems will vary;
  • sensitivity of your speakers
  • size of the room, and
  • required volume 
Power requirements

Different public address systems will require different frequency of power to run, however the sensitivity of the speaker will play a huge role in utilizing the power, a low sensitivity speaker will need more power to achieve the same volume level.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Early warning aspirator smoke detectors

Few days back while walking through the street I read this phrase written on one of the bill boards

"Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury"

The words were so catchy and true that they appealed and amazed me. Safety is one of the most important aspects in everyone's life. We want our houses, work places and all other surroundings to be safe; when we leave our homes we ensure that the door locks are closed, security guard standing outside our office gates gives us a feeling of security and many other everyday examples guarantee the importance of security.

Ezzi Engineering is a well known name in the industry. It has designed a number of projects related to fire and life safety. They are responsible for installations, testing and commissioning with after sales services preventive maintenance and SLA for the installed fire alarm, suppression and fire fighting systems. Their products comply with international fire and safety design standards.

Aspirator system in Pakistan by Ezzi Engineering is capable of detecting fire at a very early stage before the smoke increases leading to huge fire breakout. The Honeywell Aspirator system is developed using latest technology which has made its response rate much quicker. Aspirator fire detection system is an important tool; it can work for any type of building and save numerous lives and property when danger strikes.

If at the most initial stage of fire breakout in the building the fire alarm rings and alerts the people to exit the premises, won't it save much more lives and many more people will get the time to exit the building safely. The Honeywell Aspirator system gives the earliest warnings of fire hazards. It gives multiple warnings repeatedly until the level of smoke rises and room is occupied with fire.

Ezzi Engineering is the Honeywell distributor in Pakistan. They deal with all Honeywell products and Faast aspirator system which are renowned globally for their efficiency and rapid functioning in case of fire breakouts. Irrespective of the size of the places and the number of people there aspirator fire detector is reliable, highly sensitive and gives early warning if the smoke is detected.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Fire protection for modern architecture

Modern architecture and building designs are different from those in the past. If we start comparing both, modern day needs are quite different; huge buildings have wide open areas, flat ceilings, strong linear elements and bold horizontal and vertical features, wooden and glass interiors and exteriors, even ceiling to floor glass windows and sliding doors. Using traditional and old fire detectors in these complex structures will be of no use, it would not only be ineffective but also difficult to maintain and function.

Today's fire detection systems are technologically advanced and are capable to react quickly giving out waning signals immediately in case smoke is detected. For safety in many buildings the huge wide spaces are equipped with fire alarms and smoke detectors. Considering a few examples of hotel lobbies, shopping malls, manufacturing units, theatres, stadiums, long airport terminals and other places, all should be equipped for fire disasters.

Ezzi Engineering are the suppliers of modern fire detection systems which are technologically advanced and meet today's requirements. They are the Honeywell distributers in Pakistan, one of the renowned brands globally. Ezzi Engineering has provided design assistance for fire and life safety products to huge commercial projects as well as successfully handled smaller scale work.

Aspiration smoke detection

The aspiration smoke detection by Ezzi Engineering is suitable for various designs of buildings, warehouses and factories. It is integrated according to the characteristics of the place, like is there a high bay racking or is it a mezzanine floor or an empty space. They are located and spaced depending on the expected flow of smoke and air which would be caused by fire breakout in the area.

Aspiration systems can be placed anywhere, either on the wall or columns or rack frames. But care has to be taken that they are not blocked by other objects. In huge halls and corridors they can be placed in the centre with the pipe network extending outward towards the walls.


An aspirating smoke detector is the wise choice for fire and life safety, it covers the whole area completely as it is a flexible device and can hold various horizontal and vertical sampling point locations.

The device sends various warning signals to alert the occupants of the place of the danger so that proper evacuation can be carried out

Its inspection, testing and maintenance is easy and cost saving.

The performance of aspirating smoke detector is reliable and consistent.

There are a number of benefits of using the aspirating smoke detector, to have further assistance log on to

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Safety should be the top most priority

I still remember the scene years back when I was just 10 years old and the apartments near to my house caught fire. It was right in the morning when everyone started screaming and a chaos broke up on the road, people started running and throwing buckets of water until the fire fighters came to rescue the place.

But there had been many casualties; I still remember the faces of people while searching for their loved ones. It was a nightmare and due to the event still at the age of 35 hearing about fire breakout frightens me to death. Having a well planned fire and life safety system is important at all places.

No place is safe;

  • In offices fire breakouts can be by problems in electrical wirings and connections, overheating or malfunctioning of HVAC, intentionally or even by smoking.
  •  In industries and manufacturing sites fire breakout are common and can occur due to mishandling of flammable or combustible liquids, electrical wirings and connections, smoking materials, dust and fibre or intentionally.
  •  At mercantile places in the kitchen area due to cooking or heating, electrical wiring's and connections, smoking materials or intentionally
  • At religious places due to electrical wirings and connections, intentionally or by lightning candles etc. 

Therefore important fire and life safety measures have to be taken in order to protect the place from dangerous mishaps.

Looking at the scenario in the past few years Fire and Life Safety in Pakistan has become important. Karachi has seen huge loss of lives and properties by the breakout of fire; garment factory at SITE, State Life building, the towel factory in New Karachi, tissue paper factory in Karachi’s Shershah area and many other horrifying incidence are lessons to learn from.

Ezzi Engineering ensure fire and life safety in Pakistan, they have a standardized building management system along with different fire alarms and fire management system, gas detection systems in Pakistan, fire detection, fire suppression and video smoke detection systems which can control the sudden outburst of fire, alert people of the danger, immediately call the rescue services, take all preventive measures and minimize the loses caused.

Ezzi Engineering use high tension electrical transmission fittings along with cable trays System Emergency and Exit Lights Solution and Electrical Wiring Accessories which are of high quality and tough enough to withstand huge pressures. In case of fire breakouts these emergency and exit lights also guide the people towards proper routes of escape.

Get your place secured with Ezzi Engineering. For further assistance log on

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tackling growing security concerns

Since long time back we are using keys and locks to secure our place but this is no longer reliable. Keys can easily be duplicated and locks can be broken by intruders therefore the trend is shifting to card access systems in offices and industries. CCTV and Card Access Control is the latest method which enhances intrusion and security in the building.

Few noteworthy advantages of CCTV and Card Access Control include;

        ·         increased security and more privacy
        ·         only restricted entrance allowed
        ·         difficult to duplicate
        ·         In case the card is lost the database can be used to issue a new one, and if any employee leaves his card can be cancelled within seconds. There is no need to change the locks.
        ·         There is just one card to carry, not a huge bunch of keys. Wherever you need access place the card and the system will open the gates. 

Many private and government institutions including universities, hospitals, banks etc. rely on CCTV and Card Access Control for their security and convenient operations. Due to the increased violence and threat cards are becoming necessary, they have limitless options and its settings can be changed depending on the situation. Theft can be prevented too much extent by refraining the outsiders entry at restricted private places.

Security concerns are growing, Ezzi Engineering provides fully integrated CCTV and Card Access Control which is controlled by the building management system. Ezzi Engineering's building management system integrates the access controls of alarms and CCTV system which triggers in case a wrong person enters without a permit.

The system is too quick and immediately alarms the security personnel to take rapid action. The system is responsive and effective and compared with its benefits the overall cost of the system is nothing. Ezzi Engineering provides such systems for all commercial and public places.

The building management system operates the spying hidden cameras and closely monitors the entry and exit points. Ezzi Engineering CCTV and card access control ensures complete safety of your place. To contact them log on to

Monday, 13 July 2015

Is BMS the Future need for Hospitals?

A stuffy corridor with scent of bleach everywhere, automatic sliding glass doors, sounds of ambulances lined outside the building, paramedics wheeling the patients on trolleys, patients waiting for doctors to examine them and at the same time emergencies arriving with patients in critical conditions being rushed to the operation theaters and much much more. This is a normal scenario which goes on everyday at hospitals.
Hospital is a place which gives hope everyday to thousands of people and they have to be well equipped with all the facilities. From lower to higher levels everyone has to work efficiently, there has to be a focus on everything including patients care, security, cleanliness and hygiene, discipline, proper facilities for both patients and doctors etc. This all can be achieved with a proper building management system being installed in hospitals.

Today all the good hospitals have building management systems which ensures security and comfort at the place. Ezzi Engineering has installed latest BMS in many modern buildings and commercial places. Its system not only are built with modern facilities but also build automation systems for hospitals and other medical facilities saving cost and providing security for all the patients and their attendants.

Hospitals need an automation system which can control a number of facilities from one point. The automation system will be responsible for functioning of HVAC, intrusion and security, fire and life safety, nurse call system and many other systems which can be monitored and managed smoothly. A hospital with BMS will be safe and secured place for all the doctors, patients, attendants and other occupants.

HVAC system

HVAC heat and cool the hospitals, they have to function smoothly regulating the temperatures. Few rooms would have to be kept cool like operation theatres or storage rooms while few rooms would require moderate temperatures.BMS in the hospital would tune the HVAC settings accordingly based on requirements. Proper comfort zones have to be developed for patients to cure and for the doctors to treat them.

Intrusion and security

Security is a major concern in all the hospitals. Most of them are equipped with CCTV and card access controls with video surveillance to keep a track of everyone entering and leaving the premises. Hospitals are huge places with many floors and buildings and have to be monitored at all the time. A proper BMS like that by Ezzi Engineering can do it.

Fire and life safety

Break out of fire can be alarming at hospitals and can cause great damage to lives and property. BMS can control the situation much before and reduce the loss by alerting the staff to take preventive measures.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Reducing causalities during disasters

 Disasters will happen and we cannot stop them, may it be natural or due to human mistake. But what we can do is safeguard ourselves against these disasters so that minimum loss occurs. Keep our surroundings well equipped with fire and life safety measures and keep track of everything going around us.

 Minds are sharper today; many commercial projects today have turned to building management system or building automation systems. This not only safeguards the place during normal routine days but also makes it ready for a disaster to strike.
 The building management system by controls intrusion and security of the building, it is responsible for smooth functioning of HVAC and other systems installed in the building. During the event of any disaster the BMS alerts the systems to take precautionary measures.

 In emergency situations the BMS triggers the alarm to alert the occupants to leave the building. The emergency and exit light solutions start up and people know various ways of exit. This reduces much of loss. In case of gas leakage the gas detection system triggers and alerts people around to take precautionary measures immediately.

 Fire breakdown at any place is a huge disaster and it leads to huge mishaps but with building management system we can reduce the losses. The system will design several fire zones within the building and during any such event the system will produce fresh air in places of exit so that maximum people can leave the premises without suffocating.

 It also shuts down fire doors automatically to stop the fire from spreading in the whole building and starts fire fighting tools which can minimize the danger. Ventilations switch on and people can rush towards emergency exits.

BMS by Ezzi Engineering

 Stay prepared for all disasters and keep your building well equipped with all security equipments. Turn to building management system by Ezzi Engineering and be prepared for anything. Stay safe.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Best placement of Intrusion and Security Systems.

 In the past schools/ colleges, offices, warehouses, hospitals, and other commercial places were confined to limited places with small amount of people who could be handled easily, now times have changed. Manual security handling of people and their belongings is not possible in huge spread over places. This has given rise to the utmost need of CCTV and Card Access Control added in building management system.

 Ezzi Engineering deals in various types of intrusion and security systems. Their building management system is most up-to-date and covers huge places like colleges, shopping malls or buildings. Due to the city conditions it is important for all the commercial places to have a reliable intrusion and security system.

 Thieves are quiet clever these days, whether he is an outsider or some insider, every business holds secret information's which cannot be leaked therefore CCTV coverage can help in catching intruders. It ensures safety and protection of not only people but also company secrets.

 When the intrusion and security system is installed by Ezzi Engineering, it would provide exceptional protection to all the people and material. The CCTV and Card Access Control give early warnings to the concerned department in case an intruder enters and alerts the emergency personnel to take action promptly.

Few major points to focus when placing intrusion and security system are;

Location; this should be chosen cleverly by expert professionals

Camera quality; Higher resolution cameras with good colour quality should be installed to provide clear images

Central storage of images and videos; the systems should be linked with computers and video equipments which should have live and recorded videos.

Central control system; it should have secret logins only known to few people who can log in and keep a close eye on all the activities going around in the building.

Instant alerts; few technologies today sent instant alerts to concerned people if in case something wrong goes around in the place including fire and life safety measures.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to improve fire and life safety

It was few months back only that I was babysitting a kid when suddenly the gas detection system started to ring in the next room and felt like some smoke smell coming. Immediately I picked up the kid and we left the premises, it was on that day the gas detection system put up by Ezzi Engineering saved our lives. 

Fire and life safety measures are important for every place. Strict policies and principles should be implemented and maintained in case some mishap occurs. This would reduce loss of lives, properties, injuries and other crises.

Almost all modern architecture today is well equipped with fire and life safety equipment's. Ezzi Engineering is the known name in the area. It has supplied fire and life safety equipment's to many huge modern projects.

Classic example of fire and life safety project by Ezzi Engineering

The entry and exit points of the building are protected with CCTV and Card Access Control so that no intruders can enter and the corridors have Cable Trays System Emergency and Exit Lights Solution.

Building has gas detection systems in various rooms on all the floors which immediately ring in case of any emergency so that instant measures could be taken.

High quality electrical wiring accessories are used in the building with High Tension Electrical Transmission Fittings which ensures electrical safety.

Further the building management system plays a huge role in safeguarding the building and ensuring fire and life safety on all floors. In case it detects some danger the system will immediately shut down all electrical supplies and alert people to escape the premises reducing much loss of life and property.

Role of organization in safeguarding its workforce in case of emergency

Organization should play a vital role in training its workforce in case of fire and life safety. Ezzi Engineering products would alert people to take instant measures but the workforce should be well prepared as to what should be done in case of emergency; which exit points or stair cases to use, whom to contact, how to avoid chaos and so on.

It is always recommended to have a proactive approach then to suffer the consequences.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Give brains to your building

Brain is one of the most important components of a human being, everything depends on it. In the same manner in today's high tech world every building needs a brain to function intelligently and control various systems running inside it through one place. Building Management System is the brain for today's architecture.

Ezzi Engineering provides wide range of engineering solutions including building management systems, Fire and Life Safety, CCTV and Card Access Control Intrusion and Security, Gas Detection System, HVAC etc. They are a committed team excelling in the market by providing best products and services to their customers.

The building management system by Ezzi Engineering combines and unites various systems on one network which are then controlled from one point. All the data is integrated and converted into information which is then used to take decisions and actions for the betterment and comfort of building occupants and owners.

Gone are the days when only physical keys and locks were used to seal the buildings, which could easily break at any time or are duplicated or lost. Now along with it CCTV and Card Access Control Intrusion and Security is used.

The entrances of buildings are secured by Ezzi Engineering by placing access control solutions in them with a number of software reporting options carrying every detail of who entered the building and at what time. Restricted entrances in the building can only be accessed by special cards and there are CCTV installed at all entry/exit points and other corridors and places where required.

Ezzi Engineering also controls the heating, cooling, ventilation and lightning from one central point by installing building management system. HVACs are installed in the building providing a comfortable environment for the people adding to their comfort. This efficient system has many benefits like;
  •  The building energy consumption and pollution level is minimized
  • A more comfortable environment is created
  •  wear and tear is limited in the building and
  •  costs associated with maintenance, repair and replacements are minimized
  •  and much more
The benefits of building management system are far greater then we can quote, to give your building a brain get the building management system from Ezzi Engineering.


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