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Lightening can result in Hazardous Consequences

It is wisely said that the reason why lightening does not strike two times at the same place is that the same place isn't there the second time. Lightening is hazardous; in case it strikes it can take many valuable lives, cause serious injuries and destroy properties. It has been recorded that lightening can take more lives than other natural disasters like hurricane, tornadoes and floods. Lightening produces high current which has to be captured and send to earth in order to prevent these damages. Ezzi Engineering provides effective solutions to prevent the damage from lightening, although at present there are no devices which can stop the lightening formation but Ezzi Engineering has sorted out the way.

The current which is transmitted through lightening can be captured; it can be conducted to earth to avoid damage. The structure to prevent lightening damages is designed in the manner that the current is quickly and safely grounded and secondary effects of lightening are avoided. If lightening strikes a ground or hits an object or a person a side flash occurs and current spreads around unless prevented. These currents usually are minimized indoors and only strike on telephones or people taking shower or jewellery, clothing or heated material but it can strike outdoor on various places, things and people.

The phenomena to prevent lightening damage is designed by Ezzi Engineering in the manner that lightening is guided through lightening conduction rods and maximum current generated through lightening is transmitted to the ground. The current flows preventing many objects. Lightening comes with rain, before and during a rain or a thunderstorm lightening is witnessed, thunder clouds arrive rising air currents due to the air being heated near the ground by strong sunlight. The air in this rising air current is cooled, and the charge is separated when hail is generated, so the thunder clouds grow large due to the effect of electricity being generated. Thunder has a positive charge on the top and negative charge on the bottom and this is why a positively charged static electricity is generated near the ground.

As the lightening reaches the ground level the currents travels through the ground via the lightening rod conduction wires and the steel framework of the building. At the time of construction of the building the engineers include these lightening prevention frameworks in their design. As the current is maximized at the time of lightening a magnetic field is generated due to electromagnetic induction which induces a surge voltage in the cables and electronic equipments. Near the cables fixed in the ground and in underground electric lines an induced voltage is generated which flows under the ground preventing risky damages. Lightening produces discharge which disturbs the balanced electrostatic charge in overhead electric lines and the surge current flows from power supply lines and telephone lines causing damages.

In order to prevent these risky damages get the preventive measures done before its too late and serious damages have resulted. Contact Ezzi Engineering today and find your perfect solutions or visit to find solutions.

UPS and Inverters are the Need of Time

In this era of technology we all are dependent on electricity to do our everyday chores. Technology runs our life and without it our lives come to a standstill, if we just imagine few hours without electricity much of our works stop unless we have an alternative supply. Ezzi Engineering is the supplier of inverters and UPS for all commercial and industrial applications. UPS and inverters are the best alternatives available to get electric supply for few hours in case of break down. Ezzi Engineering sells Artronics brand which deals in UPS, supply inverter, voltage regulator, rectifier, charger, battery and all related items.

Ezzi Engineering has created a strong trustworthy bond with its customers and supplies inverters and UPS in many countries. It has latest and modern models which guarantee satisfaction for its customers in terms of both price and performance. From the phase of installation to testing to commissioning of Ups and inverters Ezzi Engineering does it all. Customers can contact them for required technical services and after sales support whenever required.

UPS and inverters have become important today in all commercial, industrial and household settings. We all are dependent on technology, in case of power break downs our work stops, say for instance a computer, computer is used these days as a source for communication with others or for studies and research, recreation and many other works. We need it at most of the times, and huge amount of data is in our computer which can be needed at all times. In case of electricity break down much time and resources can be lost including damage to the internal hardware components of a computer hence almost all commercial and industrial settings prefer an inverter/UPS back up for it.

Power failures and breakdown can effect work settings badly, Ezzi Engineering provides few of the best solutions for it. Computers should always run with a UPS backup that is an uninterrupted power supply. This saves valuable time, money and energy and in turn increases the productivity of the work force as they can work uninterrupted with full concentration and have enough time to save the data if in case of a power failure. UPS also saves many electrical devices including computer from fluctuations as high voltage can damage the machine and low voltages will prevent the optimum performance of the computer.

Artronics UPS and inverters have many benefits; they prevent the commercial and industrial areas against power surges, spikes and saps. UPS has a number of connections few provide power surge protection and few provide power surge protection as well as computer's battery backup. Due to the increase in demand of these inverters and UPS markets are filled with varieties of different brands, but one should be careful to choose the right one suitable for its need. UPS/ inverters are of many types; few can last for some minutes and others for hours until the electric supply returns and charges it again. The UPS and inverter both save the precious time and resources which could be wasted in case of power shut down. In order to purchase the quality one get the Artronics inverters and UPs to maximize efficiency at work and get best results. Beware don't be tricked by the fake ones available in the market which may cost lower but can become a night mare after few months or even days. Get one but get a quality brand and get it from Ezzi Engineering.


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