Monday, 25 January 2016

Fire Doors and their significance

There are materials and work procedures which are risky and catch fire easily. These materials we use in our operations and are bound use them as they entail an important part of our work procedures. So what to do? How to ensure maximum security? How to ensure that there remains no threat to life and the capital?

Ezzi Engineering for such fragile conditions and optimal safety offers fire proof doors to ensure that even if any material catches fire it doesn’t conduct through the entire facility. This makes things easy to manage and control. At times lack of such back up plans can lead to serious loss of human life and property. The process of retention of employees and safety of their working conditions couldn’t be ensured. All these things cause a serious threat to the organization. Hence security and safety of the human resource should be the top priority for all businesses.

Ezzi Engineering has always been around promising perfection in the minute details of the mechanics of its make. The fire proof doors are a sign of deep precision and work of brilliance. Our engineers work at length to ensure that the fine details of the door are ensured to leave no gaps in our product.

This quality and deep thought given only makes us favourite amongst our clientele. Also the value for cost deepens the employee-clientele bond. Before and after sales services are all our concerns. The trust they hold on to us represents a deep one, as they trust us with a man’s most important things; life and property.

Ezzi Engineering has managed to keep the trust alive for years and successfully continues to do so. Today Ezzi Engineering stands apart from all other service providers for their promise to utmost quality, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Nurse Call System

Life is precious and we take care of it. God forbid if something bad happens people rush to the hospitals and rely on it for treatments. Hospitals daily have to face patients with life and death situations and therefore they try to provide best facilities and care which saves lives. When someone's survival is at stake no hospital wants to take risk.

Hospitals solutions in Pakistan

One of the most important thing a patient needs in a hospital is attention and care, nurses are trained to provide the patients a comfortable environment. Wireless nurse call system have become a part of hospitals, whenever nurse is needed she can report to the patient or the doctor urgently. This can be a positive change in our country that even nurse call system is an important element in most of the Hospitals in Pakistan.

A nurse call system is available at hospitals and nursing homes. It is a technology worthy of need. Ezzi Engineering has provided a quick and efficient system to many hospitals. It has a huge range of systems available to fit in various requirements. Even people have preferred to use the nurse call system at residential places as simply a call system for people in huge homes. Ezzi Engineering provides best Hospitals solutions in Pakistan

Features of a Wireless nurse call system

Different Wireless nurse call system by Ezzi Engineering come with different features, along with call tracking few have touch screen facilities and two ways call facilities. This helps in communication in a better way; their reach ability is high and can be detected in different areas. Further they are quiet flexible, reliable and strong enough to meet the Patient solutions in Pakistan and elsewhere in all hospitals and healthcare units.

The Nurse Call System is wireless and user friendly, it is easy to operate and no training has to be provided. Ezzi Engineering will install the systems within no time without interrupting the hospital environment. These units ensure to provide a peace of mind and both the hospital nurses and the staff will be available for the patients whenever needed.


  • A Nurse Call system has many benefits, few can be;
  • the response time between patients response and the nurse or a the staff improves
  • much of the noise is reduced in the hospital and communications are quietly carried out but in more effective ways
  • Patients sense of satisfaction and reliability improves
  • and much much more


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