Friday, 27 December 2013

Business Management System

In modern days engineers, builders and designers have to plan out many things before constructing a building. Today's construction asks for various systems in order to operate, many things have to be inculcated in the plan like a huge shopping mall will need an IT system, security control, electrical system and connections, power for lifts and generator and other machinery. These all are different systems and have to be kept in the design, sophisticated automation system has to be planned across the whole building and this is what building management system does. Ezzi engineering helps in integrating the new and existing building systems making it safer, comfortable and more cost efficient.

Building management system has to be considered while installing different systems in the building including HVAC systems, lighting solutions, utility monitoring, security systems, life safety systems and enterprise subsystems including financial and personnel records, environmental controls and data warehouses. The building management system joins together different systems and so the overall energy of the whole building is monitored more precisely and accurately.  One advantage of this is that if at any place there is an excessive or unnecessary use it can be noticed and minimized, hence loss of energy and resources is minimized.

Building management system (BMS) is beneficial for the business, it is an important subject today in constructing modern buildings. BMS is designed in the way that it measures the energy use of the whole building and its automation system and monitors it. building management systemBMS saves energy; lightning, heating, ventilation and HVAC uses up much of energy in buildings along with power lifts, machines, computers, etc. BMS if used intelligently can minimize the load of energy usage.  It also reduces cost as these days it is the time of energy saving technologies; the use of energy saving lightning saves much of energy and reduces cost and this can be measured by the BMS. A BMS makes sure that there is no interruption in energy supply, continuous energy supply is needed these days in buildings as everyone is using IT, digital communication and other machines which are running on energy sources at all times, even automation and security is dependent on power supply.  

BMS is very useful and Ezzi engineering has great BMS which reduces operational cost of the building while providing much greater comfort for the occupants. In simple language BMS lets different systems in a building to talk to each other and then mutually make one decision. BMS is well designed and different people can view and manage different operations mutually from different areas like an electrical manager can check the power supply and production manager can check the productivity and operation of different machines while the security manager can protect the people, assets and business core functions.

Get your buildings installed with BMS by Ezzi engineering and avail the benefits of it, contact on and learn more about it.

Protecting gas leakage at work place

Many people die and several are injured in gas leakage accidents, most of these hazardous events can be prevented by proper use of gas detection equipment's. Ezzi Engineering has one of the best detectors available to identify fumes of combustion, flammable and toxic gases and other harmful gases. The detectors are commonly of two types; fixed and portable ones and both are used according to their needs and situations. Gas leakage in shopping mall killed hundreds of innocent people, gas leakage in a factory injured several workers, gas leakage near the oil refinery created great damage to place killing thousands of innocent people and leaving several injured; these and many other such disastrous news can be heard if any gas leakage occurs. In these cases gas detection equipments can at least reduce the number of injured people and lives taken. 

There are a few locations which need gas detection equipment's at all times as there are more chances of gas leakages at these places, like oil rigs and platforms, refineries and petrochemical plant, confined spaces, risks in tanks, sewers, containers and holds,  steel industry , fire brigades ,storage areas, marine and vehicles, power generation and petrol pumps. They have to be equipped at all times with suitable gas detection systems to avoid damage. The owners of these places have to give highest priority to safety first and even minute detections have to be given importance in order to avoid huge accidents and unneeded work place injuries or deaths.

Ezzi engineering knows the importance of these gas detection equipment's, to keep the place safe it is always better to read the level of gas before entering it. Outside the rooms in the factories or industries where there are gas pipes or pumps there should be a meter reading the gas level, if in case the reading rises immediate actions can be taken. The reading has to be kept in check at all times and especially before entering that room, this can ensure safety up to an extent and immediate actions can be taken. The meter has to be checked regularly that it works properly and is detecting the right gas. All the gas pumps, valves, meters and pipes have to be regularly maintained and checked as if serviced improperly or have been outdated can give false results.

Also the workers and other people around have to check for odours at places where there can be possible gas leakages. Odour can be of gas leakages from any hidden point which could be dangerous or it could be of something else like dead animals, hidden mould growth, cracked sewer lines, rotten or decaying fruits and vegetables etc. Whatever it is it has to be found out and taken care of by possibly removing the thing until it becomes impossible for people to even stand there. In case there is a fire the work place has to be tested after the fire, there are always possibilities that after the fire contaminations pile up in the area and take a long time to escape hence it is always advised to check the area before returning to it as even small gas amount in such a area can lead to greater fires.

It is our responsibility to protect our environment and keep it dust free, regularly checking it for harmful gases and chemicals. These are few tips to avoid accidents due to gas leakages further more to have gas detection system is necessary and go and buy it from Ezzi engineering as they have authentic and branded one on which you can rely on all times.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lightening can result in Hazardous Consequences

It is wisely said that the reason why lightening does not strike two times at the same place is that the same place isn't there the second time. Lightening is hazardous; in case it strikes it can take many valuable lives, cause serious injuries and destroy properties. It has been recorded that lightening can take more lives than other natural disasters like hurricane, tornadoes and floods. Lightening produces high current which has to be captured and send to earth in order to prevent these damages. Ezzi Engineering provides effective solutions to prevent the damage from lightening, although at present there are no devices which can stop the lightening formation but Ezzi Engineering has sorted out the way.

The current which is transmitted through lightening can be captured; it can be conducted to earth to avoid damage. The structure to prevent lightening damages is designed in the manner that the current is quickly and safely grounded and secondary effects of lightening are avoided. If lightening strikes a ground or hits an object or a person a side flash occurs and current spreads around unless prevented. These currents usually are minimized indoors and only strike on telephones or people taking shower or jewellery, clothing or heated material but it can strike outdoor on various places, things and people.

The phenomena to prevent lightening damage is designed by Ezzi Engineering in the manner that lightening is guided through lightening conduction rods and maximum current generated through lightening is transmitted to the ground. The current flows preventing many objects. Lightening comes with rain, before and during a rain or a thunderstorm lightening is witnessed, thunder clouds arrive rising air currents due to the air being heated near the ground by strong sunlight. The air in this rising air current is cooled, and the charge is separated when hail is generated, so the thunder clouds grow large due to the effect of electricity being generated. Thunder has a positive charge on the top and negative charge on the bottom and this is why a positively charged static electricity is generated near the ground.

As the lightening reaches the ground level the currents travels through the ground via the lightening rod conduction wires and the steel framework of the building. At the time of construction of the building the engineers include these lightening prevention frameworks in their design. As the current is maximized at the time of lightening a magnetic field is generated due to electromagnetic induction which induces a surge voltage in the cables and electronic equipments. Near the cables fixed in the ground and in underground electric lines an induced voltage is generated which flows under the ground preventing risky damages. Lightening produces discharge which disturbs the balanced electrostatic charge in overhead electric lines and the surge current flows from power supply lines and telephone lines causing damages.

In order to prevent these risky damages get the preventive measures done before its too late and serious damages have resulted. Contact Ezzi Engineering today and find your perfect solutions or visit to find solutions.

UPS and Inverters are the Need of Time

In this era of technology we all are dependent on electricity to do our everyday chores. Technology runs our life and without it our lives come to a standstill, if we just imagine few hours without electricity much of our works stop unless we have an alternative supply. Ezzi Engineering is the supplier of inverters and UPS for all commercial and industrial applications. UPS and inverters are the best alternatives available to get electric supply for few hours in case of break down. Ezzi Engineering sells Artronics brand which deals in UPS, supply inverter, voltage regulator, rectifier, charger, battery and all related items.

Ezzi Engineering has created a strong trustworthy bond with its customers and supplies inverters and UPS in many countries. It has latest and modern models which guarantee satisfaction for its customers in terms of both price and performance. From the phase of installation to testing to commissioning of Ups and inverters Ezzi Engineering does it all. Customers can contact them for required technical services and after sales support whenever required.

UPS and inverters have become important today in all commercial, industrial and household settings. We all are dependent on technology, in case of power break downs our work stops, say for instance a computer, computer is used these days as a source for communication with others or for studies and research, recreation and many other works. We need it at most of the times, and huge amount of data is in our computer which can be needed at all times. In case of electricity break down much time and resources can be lost including damage to the internal hardware components of a computer hence almost all commercial and industrial settings prefer an inverter/UPS back up for it.

Power failures and breakdown can effect work settings badly, Ezzi Engineering provides few of the best solutions for it. Computers should always run with a UPS backup that is an uninterrupted power supply. This saves valuable time, money and energy and in turn increases the productivity of the work force as they can work uninterrupted with full concentration and have enough time to save the data if in case of a power failure. UPS also saves many electrical devices including computer from fluctuations as high voltage can damage the machine and low voltages will prevent the optimum performance of the computer.

Artronics UPS and inverters have many benefits; they prevent the commercial and industrial areas against power surges, spikes and saps. UPS has a number of connections few provide power surge protection and few provide power surge protection as well as computer's battery backup. Due to the increase in demand of these inverters and UPS markets are filled with varieties of different brands, but one should be careful to choose the right one suitable for its need. UPS/ inverters are of many types; few can last for some minutes and others for hours until the electric supply returns and charges it again. The UPS and inverter both save the precious time and resources which could be wasted in case of power shut down. In order to purchase the quality one get the Artronics inverters and UPs to maximize efficiency at work and get best results. Beware don't be tricked by the fake ones available in the market which may cost lower but can become a night mare after few months or even days. Get one but get a quality brand and get it from Ezzi Engineering.

Friday, 18 October 2013

How important are Emergency Lights at Place of Accident?

Public places are all brightly illuminated, mostly people prefer to eat, work and shop around in bright places. Shops are filled with different types of lightning solutions for commercial and residential purposes. For a second if we think that accidently all the areas in a public place which is unfamiliar to us become dark, electricity goes off and some smell of smoke or fire is seen from a nearby place. The place is unfamiliar and no one knows the exit route? There will be a lot of panic in people and everyone will be running anxiously to find a way out until the emergency exits are turned on immediately. These exit pints at that time will be a relieve for people and the survival route. Ezzi engineering is the manufacturer of such emergency and exit light solutions. It supplies one of the best solutions needed at the right place at the right time.

Marshall emergency lights by Ezzi Engineering are placed at all escape doors, escape routes, meeting points of the corridors, final exits and external escape places, all floor levels, bathrooms, windowless rooms and near fire fighting equipments and other places. It ensures that no point of escape is left at time of emergency and people can easily locate the fire fighting equipments, shut down machines and escape the lifts when needed. All these emergency lights are in non maintained mode and only operate at the time of emergency or whenever needed like in the case of electricity failure. They have an option to be switched on/off whenever needed. They can also be switched to maintained mode and switched on all the time. In whichever mode they are they will be activated immediately upon emergency.

To install these emergency lightning solutions fire protection engineers and life safety consultants are there to help which locate them in right positions. The architects, engineers and builder in their design inculcate all the fire protection exits and life safety amenities for the emergency situations. The installation of emergency lightning solutions in then done after studying the design of the building or the plot. Marshall emergency lights have different types of solutions including semi flush mounted wall, flush mounted walls/ ceilings, high quality exit ceilings, elegant wall mounted, classic wall mounted etc.. They are all efficient and have proved effective whenever needed. All of these emergency lightning are connected to emergency back up or a 60 second power supply or other external sources so that they stay lighted for longer hours and if one source fails to operate a secondary source is present for backup in case of emergency.

Emergency lightning's not only help the visitors to escape the place but also point to location of fire fighting safety equipments and shut down machines which can be risky in case of emergency. Ezzi Engineering has always paid high emphasis on testing the emergency lightning solutions prior to its use, no matter how accurately they are manufactured and located testing is important. Always a post occupancy inspection and test is done and if needed necessary changes are done in its adjustment. People security and safety can never be taken for granted and 100% working machines are needed in case of emergency. Then it becomes the owner's responsibility to regularly check the emergency lightning solutions and make necessary adjustments.

To order now your set of emergency lightning solutions from Ezzi Engineering go to and see the whole range of products available to be used at the time of emergency situation. Visit now!!

From leisure to work to Safety Hand held Metal Detectors can be trusted.

Explorers used metal detectors to search the beach and find the hidden coins and treasures; we have read this in stories and at time have heard this. Today metal detectors are commonly used for security purposes. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure; and precaution is better than cure. We see various safety measures implemented to all places may it be a luxury hotel or a park or any museum. Metal detector is one name with many uses; few people associate it with airport security while others relate it with safety at the shopping mall. Ezzi Engineering is in the business of manufacturing and supplying hand held metal detection systems. It manufactures one of the best systems under the brands license which have always proved to be effective at work station. It is one name to trust in handling safety and building protection and automation.

Almost every day we all come across metal detector technology; when entering our parking areas or workplaces or parks from leisure to work to safety. Airports, schools, office buildings, government agencies, prisons, shopping malls etc all need security as they are public places and anyone can enter carrying life threatening objects. Metal detectors are used for security as they can detect metal objects like weapons. These detectors are easy to use and light weighted so can be carried without any problem.

Ezzi Engineering supplies high quality metal detectors which can easily detect if anyone entering the premises has something fishy. A typical metal detector has a circuit, controls, speakers, batteries and microprocessor. If any metallic object is detected with a person the detector senses it and sends the signal. The guard who has the detector stops the person from entering the premises and checks him thoroughly to ensure safety. The working of the detector is also very simple; just turn on the detector and move slowly over the person or the place to be inspected, if it detects something wrong signals will be transmitted. An advanced version of hand held detector can also display the type of metal detected and the exact place of the metal object.

The hand held metal detectors either work on very low frequency or pulse indications or beat frequency oscillations. Apart from security concerns metal detectors can also be used to find buried objects, their depth varies and it usually depends on the different types of metals and the materials which are combined to form that metal piece like iron has the tendency to create strong magnetic force around itself, if the metal is made of iron it will be more prone to detection as compared to other metal. Another factor which effects the detection is the size of the material and the makeup of it. Few elements are natural conductors and this interferes in the detection signals. Apart from things buried inside at times there are materials lying above the ground which block the detection of object inside like the cables or pipes or power lines. Hence whoever is detecting the objects has to be clever enough to do it smartly. Any hand held metal detector can only be made productive and effective if used properly at proper place.

Hand held metal detectors have many uses; they are used by coin collectors to search for old coins, by metal collectors and treasure hunters searching for valuable objects like gold nuggets or by relic hunters who are looking for historical things. Shopping malls, airports, buildings and event security, archeological exploration, geological research and for recovery of items hand held metal detectors are used widely. To get one now order from and get your piece to increase security and confidence at work.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

C-TEC's 800 Series Call System brings more reliability and speed in Nurse Call Systems

Whenever the construction of a new hospital starts, its top priority is the safety and experience of the patients. In order to achieve this objective the hospital tries to provide best healthcare facilities to its patients. The most essential element in designing any hospital is to make an efficient and quick nursing system which would immediately respond to both medical and non medical needs. Ezzi Engineering is one of the best companies which has perfect solutions for hospital's nursing needs. With the advancement of technology Ezzi Engineering has moved from using conventional systems to analogue nurse call systems. These are digitalizes systems which are quicker and more effective then olden day ones.

By installing the new nurse call system by Ezzi Engineering the hospital can benefit as the satisfaction level of the patient rises and he feel less anxious and safe after being ensured that his request is heard quickly. The patient is at ease as his problems are promptly dealt with. As far as the staff is concerned, they are now able to quickly respond to patients needs and take good care of them. In case of emergency quick actions can be taken and nursing staff is called in the fastest possible manner. Administration department also ensures that when the overall system is quick and the staff is doing his job on proper time, the hospital runs smoothly and successfully.

The conventional call system by Ezzi Engineering is a trusted and effective system; C- TEC's 800 Series call system contains ceiling pulls, wall-mounting call points, monitoring points, water resistant alert points, stainless steel call points, over door lights, remote sounders, relays and call latch modules which are all integrated with indicator panels and extensive array of system components. It is one of the most reliable call System available in the market and the C- Tec 800 series call system is being used in many private, commercial, residential and public sector buildings. The system is very simple and useful and permits attendants, staff members and patients to call for assistance, it ensures that the call has proceeded and is the caller attended or not. There is an optional emergency call facility to be used when needed.

The 800 Series call system can also detect if the person is attacked by optional infrared staff attack facility and it permits the unauthorized access by monitoring the storage cupboards, cash offices and stock rooms. The call system examines doorbells, telephones, machineries and much more. It has various applications which could be useful for hotels, leisure places, hospitals, shops, nursing rooms and offices. The system is very easy to operate, can be simply installed and easily used. To get this useful, efficient and trustworthy Nurse Call System go to and read about its services and products.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Ezzi Engineering Providing Safe and Reliable Wiring Solutions

“Protecting things you value”, is rightly so the philosophy of Ezzi Engineering. Living up to its name of providing quality products and services, the group aspires to be the leading name in Building, Protection and Automation.

The architectural trends of the present era have developed much with the fast paced tradition of the ever growing technological and scientific knowledge. This has led to the outburst of modernistic, contemporary designs and outlook of even the very basic of the infrastructures. Ezzi Engineering hence considers itself the solutions provider which helps bridge the gap between you and the latest market trends.

A comprehensive range of wiring devices is one of the arenas Ezzi Engineering caters to. Be it the wireless powered switch, the Logic Plus range or an Astral advanced lighting control system, MK takes care of all products and solutions for all installations and applications.

Operating since 1919, MK Electric is the world’s leading manufacturer for Electrical and data connectivity solutions. MK Electric for over 55 years has made its mark throughout the Asia Pacific region as the most trusted, and respected in terms of providing top of the quality, safe and reliable wiring solutions. Ezzi Engineering is backed by this innovation driven quality solution provider for its diverse range of wiring services.

Complimenting interiors MK’s Slimline offers design which is most stylish, practical and unobtrusive. Keeping the tradition of reliability MK’s Slimline offers an unbelievable 12 year warranty promising toughness and reliability.

Similarly Masterseal excels in outdoor services for use in areas exposed to heavy splashes of water and dust. Stressing much on safety, Masterseal promises you protection of yourself and the electrical supply from the most hazardous of the environments.

Avant, Commando and Aspect are the lines of MK which Ezzi Engineer proudly offers, keeping in view our clients’ safety and peace of mind.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Euro Fertilizers Providing the Best Solution for Natural Fertile Lands!

The green flag and the fertile land of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan speak volumes about its agrarian economy. Born in 1947, the country’s main economic reliance ever since is on agriculture. The land of Pakistan has proved a great fortune for its citizens for its fertile land. Crops like rice, cotton and wheat entail the main exports of the state along with a tirade of fruits and vegetables which are grown and nourished locally which then form a substantial portion of the exports.

Since the reliance is on agriculture hence the inevitable need for fertilizers. Fertilizers offer the necessary nutrients and nourishment which the crops need to grow. They prove as catalyst in the whole procedure ensuring an enriched and a fertile harvest.

Euro Fertilizers, operating in Pakistan are the manufacturers of best quality micro nutrients and plant food manufacturers. The Fertilizer is actually a natural substance and natural bioactive nutrient which is suitable for all plants, fruits and vegetables encompassing indigenous bio-substances for the enrichment of soil and fertility.

Euro Fertilizers manufactures a variety of products for the different soils, their conditions and requirements. Some of the products include Humi Dolor, Humus Plus, Zinc Vigor, Vigor Plus, Indus Super, Zinco Dolor, Uro Domi and Cot Row. These fertilizers and their different kinds offers a variety of benefits to the soil entailing the permeability and fertility status of the soil, texture, crop yield, soil aeration, reduction in pest incidence etc.

Owing to the flexibility of Euro Fertilizer’s organic manufacture without an element of poison in it the fertilizer is suitable for all sorts of natural vegetation. Catering as a natural remedy to the soil, the fertilizer helps accelerate the usage of phosphorous. Ensuring a perpendicular growth of plants with an accelerated capillary action in roots, the Euro Fertilizer ensures a healthy, strong and unbelievingly fast natural growth.

Friday, 12 July 2013

A Complete & Compatible Fire Alarm System

There has been a continuous upsurge in the anxiety and threat to the security of one’s own life amongst the people of Pakistan. Everyday unexpected attacks, blasts and arson have taken a common toll on the lives of the citizens of the country. Every measure is however taken by the government along with other public and private bodies to ensure a certain level of security for these innocent lives.

Ezzi Engineering established since 1996 has been serving the country with reliable and leading fire alarm system integrators. The company has allied with various foreign giants like the Honeywell, Protectwire, Crowcon etc to form the most customized fire alarm system for the clientele of the country.

Ezzi Engineering has now established its presence as a renowned fire alarm system integrator in the cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Its systems are parts of many offices and business settings around the country displaying a successful trend and a reliable system of network.

Today where arson and sudden unexpected fire accidents pose a continuous threat to the country, we at Ezzi Engineering consider it our moral responsibility to aware the people and business of the essentiality and importance of a reliable and trustworthy fire alarm system. A fire poses threats whose destruction sometimes is unfathomable. A treasure of the world could be rendered useless and ashen by the mocking mirth of an unguarded fire.

To safeguard assets and of course the foremost family, loved ones and colleagues is the top priority of any sane individual or business. Ezzi Engineering provides that security which you and the ones you value deserve.

The Vigilon Conventional Fire Alarm System, Vigilon Addressable Fire Alarm System with Multiplexed and Intelligent systems are the competencies of the Ezzi Engineering Fire Alarm System. The services are comprehensive and complete ranging from design and consultancy assistance, in life saving and automotive infrastructure.


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