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Business Management System

In modern days engineers, builders and designers have to plan out many things before constructing a building. Today's construction asks for various systems in order to operate, many things have to be inculcated in the plan like a huge shopping mall will need an IT system, security control, electrical system and connections, power for lifts and generator and other machinery. These all are different systems and have to be kept in the design, sophisticated automation system has to be planned across the whole building and this is what building management system does. Ezzi engineering helps in integrating the new and existing building systems making it safer, comfortable and more cost efficient.

Building management system has to be considered while installing different systems in the building including HVAC systems, lighting solutions, utility monitoring, security systems, life safety systems and enterprise subsystems including financial and personnel records, environmental controls and data warehouses. The building management system joins together different systems and so the overall energy of the whole building is monitored more precisely and accurately.  One advantage of this is that if at any place there is an excessive or unnecessary use it can be noticed and minimized, hence loss of energy and resources is minimized.

Building management system (BMS) is beneficial for the business, it is an important subject today in constructing modern buildings. BMS is designed in the way that it measures the energy use of the whole building and its automation system and monitors it. building management systemBMS saves energy; lightning, heating, ventilation and HVAC uses up much of energy in buildings along with power lifts, machines, computers, etc. BMS if used intelligently can minimize the load of energy usage.  It also reduces cost as these days it is the time of energy saving technologies; the use of energy saving lightning saves much of energy and reduces cost and this can be measured by the BMS. A BMS makes sure that there is no interruption in energy supply, continuous energy supply is needed these days in buildings as everyone is using IT, digital communication and other machines which are running on energy sources at all times, even automation and security is dependent on power supply.  

BMS is very useful and Ezzi engineering has great BMS which reduces operational cost of the building while providing much greater comfort for the occupants. In simple language BMS lets different systems in a building to talk to each other and then mutually make one decision. BMS is well designed and different people can view and manage different operations mutually from different areas like an electrical manager can check the power supply and production manager can check the productivity and operation of different machines while the security manager can protect the people, assets and business core functions.

Get your buildings installed with BMS by Ezzi engineering and avail the benefits of it, contact on and learn more about it.

Protecting gas leakage at work place

Many people die and several are injured in gas leakage accidents, most of these hazardous events can be prevented by proper use of gas detection equipment's. Ezzi Engineering has one of the best detectors available to identify fumes of combustion, flammable and toxic gases and other harmful gases. The detectors are commonly of two types; fixed and portable ones and both are used according to their needs and situations. Gas leakage in shopping mall killed hundreds of innocent people, gas leakage in a factory injured several workers, gas leakage near the oil refinery created great damage to place killing thousands of innocent people and leaving several injured; these and many other such disastrous news can be heard if any gas leakage occurs. In these cases gas detection equipments can at least reduce the number of injured people and lives taken. 

There are a few locations which need gas detection equipment's at all times as there are more chances of gas leakages at these places, like oil rigs and platforms, refineries and petrochemical plant, confined spaces, risks in tanks, sewers, containers and holds,  steel industry , fire brigades ,storage areas, marine and vehicles, power generation and petrol pumps. They have to be equipped at all times with suitable gas detection systems to avoid damage. The owners of these places have to give highest priority to safety first and even minute detections have to be given importance in order to avoid huge accidents and unneeded work place injuries or deaths.

Ezzi engineering knows the importance of these gas detection equipment's, to keep the place safe it is always better to read the level of gas before entering it. Outside the rooms in the factories or industries where there are gas pipes or pumps there should be a meter reading the gas level, if in case the reading rises immediate actions can be taken. The reading has to be kept in check at all times and especially before entering that room, this can ensure safety up to an extent and immediate actions can be taken. The meter has to be checked regularly that it works properly and is detecting the right gas. All the gas pumps, valves, meters and pipes have to be regularly maintained and checked as if serviced improperly or have been outdated can give false results.

Also the workers and other people around have to check for odours at places where there can be possible gas leakages. Odour can be of gas leakages from any hidden point which could be dangerous or it could be of something else like dead animals, hidden mould growth, cracked sewer lines, rotten or decaying fruits and vegetables etc. Whatever it is it has to be found out and taken care of by possibly removing the thing until it becomes impossible for people to even stand there. In case there is a fire the work place has to be tested after the fire, there are always possibilities that after the fire contaminations pile up in the area and take a long time to escape hence it is always advised to check the area before returning to it as even small gas amount in such a area can lead to greater fires.

It is our responsibility to protect our environment and keep it dust free, regularly checking it for harmful gases and chemicals. These are few tips to avoid accidents due to gas leakages further more to have gas detection system is necessary and go and buy it from Ezzi engineering as they have authentic and branded one on which you can rely on all times.


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