Friday, 10 January 2014

Creation and Development of Emergency and exit lights

It is human nature to realize the worth of valuable assets at the time when they are needed, emergency and exit lights are important assets needed utmost at the time of emergency in all public, commercial and industrial places. Emergency and exit lights are significant aspect useful at the time of any mishap, their installation has to be an important part in the design plan. Markets are filled with many types of emergency and exit lights, Ezzi Engineering supplies Marshall emergency and exit lights useful at the time of emergency. All buildings must have correct security measures installed in order to safeguard the protection of the people.

One of the things to keep in mind is that these usually red and green emergency lights should not use much energy and electricity. They have to be turned on at all times but their electricity consumption has to be minimized. These lights use lamps which consume minimal energy and last for longer time, hence they are useful and help in keeping the place safe. 

Looking at the history of these emergency and exit light solution compact fluorescent lamps were used in  exit signs. They utilized 10-15 watts and replaced 40 watts of incandescent lightning which lasted much longer. This reduced the benefit for utility companies and the end users were at a benefit and saved much of the money. One drawback in this system was the amount of mercury which was there in compact fluorescent lamps. This system was short lived and it was replaced by the LEDs.

LEDs as compared were a much better solution, they had a long life and utilized much less electricity and didn't use mercury. The LEDs designed before for these emergency and exit lights were red and green in colour. Initially these LEDs used more power compared to modern days when LEDs use much less electric power. Gradually as the time passed by incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps were completely eliminated and replaced with LEDs.

Modern day LEDs used much less electric power and they are effectively used in emergency and exit lights. They are usually attached with an additional small battery to provide a backup in case the electric power is absent. To get the emergency and exit lights for your place contact Ezzi Engineering and get the job done by the best company in the town.


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