Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Save the Population Avoid deadly Gas Explosions

Our eyes would be filled with tears and our hearth would go out if we get to know the condition of the people who have undergone some gas explosion accident; thousands are killed and the ones who survive cannot forget the night mare. Like the gas explosion which occurred in Texas fertilizer plant when people along with their whole families died and the loss could never be retrieved. Prevention is always better before some mishap occurs; Ezzi Engineering has gas detection products available which detect the presence of gas due to any leakage in the area and signals the safety alarm to take immediate measures. The crowcon fixed detector and the crowcon portable detector are fixed with the system and automatically shut down the control system. The people are signaled beforehand so that they could vacate the premises and escape the danger. This could save millions of lives and properties.

The two types of gas detection products are crowcon fixed type and crowcon portable types; they are important and have to be installed in various places especially oil rigs and platforms, petrochemical and steel industries, fire brigades, storage areas, power generation plants etc. If we record the number of gas explosions that have occurred in the past the importance of gas detection products can be realized; sometimes a chemical explodes or at other time the fire lit up causes poisonous fumes taking thousands of lives. Safety comes first; therefore get the gas detection product installed before its too late, saving few pennies and not buying crowcon gas detection product is like walking with eyes closed and falling in the pit.

By installing crowcon fixed type and crowcon portable type gas detection product by Ezzi Engineering many accidents could be prevented and injuries and deaths could be avoided. The gas detection product has an arrow indicating the gas level of the area which has to be checked regularly. The controller which reads the gas mark is placed outside the room so that the person entering the room can check and then enter, if in case the reading is higher do not enter the area but use protective measures instead or call the related safety department to control the situation.

The company which has the gas detection products should make it sure that right type of harmful gases are being detected and regularly check the workplace for various smells like odors from dead animals, gas leaks, hidden mould growth, cracked sewer lines, rotting or decaying vegetation. The gas detection product also needs regular maintenance by trained personal, maintenance of it is technical and only the one who knows it can do it. If not maintained or if maintenance is not done by the trained personnel it could give false readings and fail to function. If at some place a fire is being lit, that place has to be inspected regularly as fire can produce various air borne and also surface harmful contaminations which stay for long time. Get it thoroughly checked before entering the premises.

The golden rule is that protect the environment and keep the surroundings clean and pollution free. Protect yourself using protection products and store chemicals in a proper way so that accidents are avoided, use gas detection products and get the Crowcon fixed type and Crowcon portable type gas detection product by Ezzi Engineering. We all should work together to make this world a happy place to live in, try to avoid dangerous mishaps which leads to loss of many lives and properties and take care of earth's natural resources.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Novelty in Building Automation and Control System

Building automation industry has been innovating over the time; from tough wired logic machines to mini computers to micro ones and web appliances and also now it adds to tabs and laptops. Initially in the 80s era energy and building automation was done by the modem, but today we all want the information on our hand held devices and tabs. Building automation has advanced in the era of World Wide Web and this has benefited in many areas. Due to this advancement many concerns have raised and now the building owners have to meet regularly with each other to develop energy standards and ensure that there is a need to be perceived as green. Ezzi Engineering works in the industry of building automation and control for various projects, it takes care of all the details and is successful and growing in the industry.

Building automation system for commercial, industrial or institutional facilities means that establishing a centralized and interlinked network of hardware and software which can monitor and control the whole facility. It is developed in the way that it guarantees the operational performance of the building or the area and ensures comfort and safety of the occupants of commercial, industrial or institutional facilities. Ezzi engineering has installed this automation system in many new buildings while they are being build or at the time of renovation of old ones. Many systems are controlled while building automation system;including HVAC, security, power monitoring, CCTV, access areas, fire alarm system,elevators and escalators, water and plumbing and many others.

Building automation and control systems started with air based control system; they had controllers, sensors, actuators, valves, positioners and regulators. Then these were replaced with analogue electronic control devices which were quicker and had higher precision than pneumatics. It was only after 90s when the digital control devices were developed which had full control on automation and was fully functional. However with time many innovations and changes have been made in this system to get the best one. Today the building automation and control system is modernized; it is hidden on the ceiling or under the floor with different hardware devices attached with the equipment. At times it exists as software on computer or is available as a webpage. Ezzi Engineering has a team of specialized and trained people to install the automation system.

Building automation in the commercial, industrial or institutional facilities is energy efficient, different buildings are connected with a smart grid and energy internet interacts with the supply grid. The buildings are connected with each other and to a grid, and this energy management tool can smoothen the aggression of small and scattered sites. Few of the elements of integrated automation system are web enabled interface, open data communication, reporting, both standard and customized, configuration environment etc. Web enabled interface is important in today's world, data is shared using the web browser amongst many different users. Open data communication plays effective role in building automation and control, open communication is carried between devices, controllers and sensors. Reporting nowadays is done both by standard and customized way, the data is configured and then distributed to different areas; along with collection of data its accurate distribution is also important.

Ezzi Engineering has been building effective automation and control system for its clients over the years; to get it done by them contact on and know more about it.


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