Friday, 29 May 2015

Best placement of Intrusion and Security Systems.

 In the past schools/ colleges, offices, warehouses, hospitals, and other commercial places were confined to limited places with small amount of people who could be handled easily, now times have changed. Manual security handling of people and their belongings is not possible in huge spread over places. This has given rise to the utmost need of CCTV and Card Access Control added in building management system.

 Ezzi Engineering deals in various types of intrusion and security systems. Their building management system is most up-to-date and covers huge places like colleges, shopping malls or buildings. Due to the city conditions it is important for all the commercial places to have a reliable intrusion and security system.

 Thieves are quiet clever these days, whether he is an outsider or some insider, every business holds secret information's which cannot be leaked therefore CCTV coverage can help in catching intruders. It ensures safety and protection of not only people but also company secrets.

 When the intrusion and security system is installed by Ezzi Engineering, it would provide exceptional protection to all the people and material. The CCTV and Card Access Control give early warnings to the concerned department in case an intruder enters and alerts the emergency personnel to take action promptly.

Few major points to focus when placing intrusion and security system are;

Location; this should be chosen cleverly by expert professionals

Camera quality; Higher resolution cameras with good colour quality should be installed to provide clear images

Central storage of images and videos; the systems should be linked with computers and video equipments which should have live and recorded videos.

Central control system; it should have secret logins only known to few people who can log in and keep a close eye on all the activities going around in the building.

Instant alerts; few technologies today sent instant alerts to concerned people if in case something wrong goes around in the place including fire and life safety measures.


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