Monday, 16 March 2015

Give brains to your building

Brain is one of the most important components of a human being, everything depends on it. In the same manner in today's high tech world every building needs a brain to function intelligently and control various systems running inside it through one place. Building Management System is the brain for today's architecture.

Ezzi Engineering provides wide range of engineering solutions including building management systems, Fire and Life Safety, CCTV and Card Access Control Intrusion and Security, Gas Detection System, HVAC etc. They are a committed team excelling in the market by providing best products and services to their customers.

The building management system by Ezzi Engineering combines and unites various systems on one network which are then controlled from one point. All the data is integrated and converted into information which is then used to take decisions and actions for the betterment and comfort of building occupants and owners.

Gone are the days when only physical keys and locks were used to seal the buildings, which could easily break at any time or are duplicated or lost. Now along with it CCTV and Card Access Control Intrusion and Security is used.

The entrances of buildings are secured by Ezzi Engineering by placing access control solutions in them with a number of software reporting options carrying every detail of who entered the building and at what time. Restricted entrances in the building can only be accessed by special cards and there are CCTV installed at all entry/exit points and other corridors and places where required.

Ezzi Engineering also controls the heating, cooling, ventilation and lightning from one central point by installing building management system. HVACs are installed in the building providing a comfortable environment for the people adding to their comfort. This efficient system has many benefits like;
  •  The building energy consumption and pollution level is minimized
  • A more comfortable environment is created
  •  wear and tear is limited in the building and
  •  costs associated with maintenance, repair and replacements are minimized
  •  and much more
The benefits of building management system are far greater then we can quote, to give your building a brain get the building management system from Ezzi Engineering.


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