Thursday, 24 December 2015

Fire doors in buildings

A few days back I went to visit my clients office, what happened next was a disastrous mishap I could not forget for my entire life. While we were busy in our meeting on the 10th floor of the building fire alarms sounded up and a chaos broke up everywhere, everyone started running not knowing what to do. But luckily the building was fully equipped for such situations.

The office had Stainless steel fire doors and central space was separated from cabins with the fire compartment walls. Therefore just a few areas suffered the damage and the fire
fighters came in no time to safeguard the place. The stainless steel fire doors were strong
enough to hold the fire and it did not spread into the cabins holding important assets of the

The most positive aspect after this tragic incident was that the office started working on its
normal routine in just a week mostly property and other assets were safe and the minimum
damage done was repaired within few days, we also got our usual orders and everything was
back to norm. This event proved that fire doors are one of the most important assets in any
place and for business continuity.

 Ezzi Engineering is the Fire doors manufacturers, who have certified fire doors in many different designs to match your interiors. The UL listed fire rated doors at Ezzi Engineering are fully equipped to safeguard and prevent the fire from passing through it saving the place and many precious lives. Fire doors are often marked with signs, information and directions to escape. In many newly constructed buildings they are placed dividing the various areas of the building so that in case of emergency the fire can be trapped in one compartment whileother places are safe.

There are many different types of fire doors, few are just used as regular doors in normal situations while others stay closed and only react to fire alarms. In case of danger they automatically close and seal the area. But it is always important that the doors have been tested and inspected regularly and are working properly complying with all the fire codes that are required at the time. The ones that have to be replaced are changed with new ones.


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