Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Importance of nurse call system in hospitals

Opening eyes in one of the rooms of a hospital after a surgery where even you have your breakfast served on bed is not much pleasing. You cannot move your hands due to cannula supplying you with medicines, sitting and standing without support is not possible and you need your loved ones around to support you. Staying at a hospital can never be easy for any one, inspite of the fact that most hospitals provide modern facilities and supportive care giving atmosphere to their patients. But still hospital is a must go place.

A nurse is someone all the patients trust after the doctor. She has to be alert at all times whenever needed giving positive hopes like a glass half full type. Nurse Call System is what all hospitals and health care facilities need.

All hospitals have the old traditional button which is fixed at the head or sides of all the beds for the patients to press in case they need help. But technology has advanced generations ahead and today's latest Wireless nurse call system can handle the job much more effectively. Ezzi Engineering has been incorporating the most innovative systems in their hospitals solutions in Pakistan.

Nurse Job is not easy; she has to stay on foot. Nurse Call System helps her to stay connected with patients. Few of the major advantages of Nurse Call System by Ezzi Engineering include;
  • Keeping a real time log of the patients and services offered 
  • The device does not make much noise, operates silently using a very low voltage
  • Patients can immediately contact the concerned nurse whenever needed, especially at the time of emergency
  • The system clearly shows room numbers and bed of the patient for the nurse to reach immediately even if she is in the corridor without making any mistakes
  • The system is much reliable and easy to use. 
Today's healthcare is a challenging task, many new diseases have risen up, number of injuries due to accidents and tragic event have increased; everyday number of patients are increasing. To tackle this huge challenge a proper planned hospitals solutions in Pakistan is needed which best can serve the humanity. Ezzi Engineering provides most innovative Nurse Call System which caters to all the needs of patients, hospitals and the nursing department.


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