Friday, 25 November 2016

The first G 36 Cable Tray System!

Ezzi Engineering takes pride in announcing the first G 36 Cable Tray System!
Manufactured from Prime Quality Japanese Standard ISL’s 36 - 38 microns Galvanized Iron Steel is in line with NEMA standards and comes in all types & sizes mentioned in Ezzi Cable Trays standard product catalogue.
With usual Cable Trays being of 6 – 9 Microns, G36 – with 36 microns Zinc coating enhances anti corrosion properties which makes it at least 4 to 6 times longer life than normal commercial GI cable trays. Its life is almost equal or even slightly enhanced as compared to the life of HDGAF Cable Trays.
In fact they are much convenient to install & have smart esthetic look after installation, as compared to the HDGAF Cable Trays. And the exciting part is that it is at least 60% economical than HDGAF Cable Trays & just around 19% higher than normal prime quality 6- 9 microns GI Cable Trays.

For more details, please visit Ezzi Engineering.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hannover Messe 25 th -29 th April 2016

We exhibited at Hannover Messe in Germany!

This year USA was the partner country. Formal opening of the exhibition was done by Barack Obama; the President of  United States, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday, 24 th April 2016. The Event’s motto was ‘Integrated Industry Discover Solutions’.

We had exhibited our expertise in four fields:

 Metal Fabrication
 Fire Life and Safety
 Visual Communications
 Information Technology
 Organic Fertilizers

We are thankful to all the professionals for visiting our Stall and having a productive discussion and corporation on Research and development in relevant areas.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

XgardIQ; Gas Detector loaded with intelligent and excellent features!

Since forty five years, Crowcon has been coming up with groundbreaking Gas Detecting Products in the aim of saving lives. Crowcon now announces the launch of its new Gas detector and Transmitter; XgardIQ, which is fully loaded with intelligent and excellent features!

Today, modern plant environments differ to a great extent presenting multifarious gas detection challenges that require careful management. To overcome with this issue, XgardIQ has common transmitter for Crowcon's full range of sensor technologies.

XgardIQ has hot swappable sensors modules which can let you easily swap the sensors with only one hand and that too without using any tools. This reduces much of the time which is consumed in maintenance.

The operators are fully aware about the detectors reliability by Crowcon’s exclusive Positive Safety
feature. It alerts the user if any irregular events occur which may hinder the product’s activity and thus they are remained alert in extreme conditions.

XgardIQ can be easily retrofitted with existing systems without the use of any cables or hardware changes and it has lower power consumption and running cost. While in new builds, XgardIQ reduces costs as it can be installed with a sealed dummy module which protects the device until commissioning takes place.

For further details and installation of the latest Crowcon Gas Detector, contact now at Ezzi Engineering.

Case Study of Habib Bank Plaza

Habib Bank Plaza, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan is considered to be the first tallest building of Pakistan.

In 2012, Ezzi Engineering were awarded the project for the supply & installation of the addressable fire alarm system with the SEAMLESS INTEGRATION of this fire alarm with their existing Honeywell Enterprise Building CCTV Video Management System.

We supplied Gent by Honeywell Compact Addressable Fire Alarm Panels with around 2000 S Quad & S Cubed addressable Smoke Sensors, Manual Call Points & Sounders. The addressable panels were on a daisy chain network to cover the entire tower.

The challenge from day one was to provide the seamless BACnet integration of Gent by Honeywell Fire Alarm system with the existing Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI).

Ezzi conveniently installed and commissioned the complete Addressable Fire Alarm System within the given span of time. However, BACnet integration was a task.

It happened that In the event of Gent ‘Partner of Choice’ Conference in December 2013 at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, the project was discussed between Mr. Mark Fenton; business leader for Honeywell Life Safety in the Middle East and Africa and Mr. Mazher Faizullah; CEO of Ezzi Engineering.

Which resulted in; Gent and Ezzi Technical Team’s close coordination. The teams worked without looking at days and nights because of the time difference between both of the countries and even compromising their holidays. Over the period of time we came across numerous issues of BACnet Points, Syncing and Synchronizing.

The quote came true; “When there is a will there is a way!”

We kept on toiling & hence achieved the required seamless Gent by Honeywell Vigilon BACnet integration with HBL’s existing Honeywell EBi Video Management System.

Now we can proudly say that after London Heathrow Airport and some projects in UAE; HBL Plaza is the first project in Pakistan which has the Seamless integration.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Best Fire alarm systems in Dubai and Pakistan

Kids are desperately waiting for their vacations, family plans have been made for fun, relaxation and enjoyment. Many have made preparations to travel abroad and take time off for their families. Few have decided to visit their grandparents and others just prefer to relax at home. No matter where ever you plan to visit safety should be your top priority.

Wireless fire alarm system is one of the most essential devices and should be installed at all homes, buildings, recreational and work places. It has numerous benefits;

  •  The place appears to be safe and people feel secured, therefore visit more which leads to increase in the profitability of the place. Let it be shopping malls, amusement park or any other place families would visit frequently to such places. 
  •  Even the places having these facilities will save their employees time and money. In case of fire mishaps much of the lives and properties can be saved. 
  •  Fire Alarm system could reduce much deaths and medical bills. Even ambulances can be on high alert when such alarms are ringing to provide services immediately. 
  •  The staff should be trained to use safety equipments like fire extinguishers and first aid kits. They could save life of their visitors especially in huge places. 
Fire alarm system design guide

Ezzi Engineering supply's fire detection systems by Honeywell. They are the most advanced systems manufactured to meet today's requirements. Usually most of the systems operate by the similar principal, once the smoke is detected the alarm operates, water sprinkles starts operation and all exit signs are lightened up to ease evacuation.

At many times fire doors are installed to prevent the spread of fire and immediately rescue services are signalled for help. All near places are alerted and all exit doors open up. Much of the damage to property and lives can be prevented if the fire detections systems are working properly.

Fire alarm systems

Ezzi Engineering are the Fire alarm system installers, they have installed the best Honeywell systems in many huge places including malls, air ports, facories and other commercial and residential places. Their name has always stayed on top when there is a question of security and safety in case of dangerous fire accidents.

Ezzi Engineering provides Fire alarm system services in Pakistan and they are known for their reliability and commitment in installing Fire alarm system in Dubai. To get your fire alarm systems log on to

Monday, 11 April 2016

S-Quad in Black for Bold Aesthetics!

S-Quad Detectors of Gent by Honeywell have been leading all Fire Detecting Systems available in the market today. Gent has announced that since Aesthetics is being a key element in Architectural world today; its multi-sensor fire detector range is now available in black!
Ben Wolf; the Product Manager of Gent said ‘Aesthetics are an increasingly important consideration within modern buildings and architects and their customers often insist that design continuity be maintained’. Thus while white detectors didn’t blend with the surroundings, the black ones are now more visually bold.

S-quad being a multi- sensor can easily and appropriately detect combustions such as heat, smoke, carbon monoxide. Appropriately in the sense; that it is the right sensor which avoids False Alarms and saves you from expensive costs of it.

Be safe and secure by contacting a trusted name in the industry since 1996 Ezzi Engineering for the installations of your life safety Fire Alarm & Smoke detection Systems!

Ezzi Engineering protects the things you Value!’

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Smart hospital solution in Pakistan

Technology when used properly can do wonders. Looking at the past few years' human brain has designed most innovative technological products which have changed our lives completely. Mobile phones were just build for calls but now they contain numerous features, once huge computers have been replaced by handy tabs and laptops, paying bills or transferring money is all done online; similarly Nurse Call System have been modernized to cater today's hospital needs.

Times have changed
Hospitals solutions in Pakistan need a proper integrated  Nurse Call System which can fulfil all the requirements and improve communication between patient and hospital staff/ nurse in the hospitals. Gone are the days when hospital seemed to be a dreadful place with shabby walls, dome lights, continuous voices from corridor speakers, patients changing television channels using their pillow speakers and hospital staff and nurses rushing at all places.
Ezzi Engineering provides Wireless nurse call system to all hospitals and healthcare centres. Its systems are most innovative and build to cater the needs of today's patients improving communication, speed and the workflow system. Wireless nurse call system has improved the care delivered at hospitals. They provide the optimal Patient solutions in Pakistan.
Best place for Nurse Call System
A nurse call system is usually located at an inpatient bed which can initiate communication. The button is nearest to the patient mostly on the pillow speaker which is most convenient for him. Usually at the place where other controls including lights, television, room temperature and others are located. Whenever patient needs nurse assistance he can press the button and instant message will be delivered.
Complete hospital and patient solution
A Nurse Call System by Ezzi Engineering is an effective tool which will positively answer all the patients' questions and influence greatly on satisfaction level like;
·         How was I treated in the hospital?
·         How quickly assistance was provided?
·         Did they bring medicines promptly when suddenly severe pain occurred?
·         How much help was provided?

When it is a matter of life and death no compromises should be made, a patient enters into a hospital only if it can trust the place to save him.  Nurse Call System plays positive role in fulfilling hospitals responsibilities towards a patient. It not only shows nurses commitment and promptness but is extremely effective to tackle emergency situations. 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ezzi Engineering: Safeguarding your working environment:

There is a compromise to everything in life but there is no compromise in the matters of life and death. Safety and security of human life are issues which hold great significance in terms of the world order today. With increasing threats to human life and working conditions, safety of the employees has become the first condition of the employees.

Today due to the increasing use of chemicals and toxic substances acting as catalyst to major procedures, hazardous material and their use cannot be prohibited and the only thing that can be ensured is the precautionary steps to affirm protection and safety of the environment.

Many fire proof devices are today manufactured to minimize the effect of the hazards of fire. Fire causes a disaster which at times becomes impossible to measure. To predict it, at times it is next to impossible. Ezzi Engineering to minimize and in fact reduce the possibility of the destruction of fire manufactures and offers fire proof doors. These fire proof doors make it possible to have assurance of the fact that your human resource is safe and protected from the hazards of the working conditions of the environment.

With quality standards and state of the art equipment these doors are manufactured keeping in mind the hazards and their kinds they might be exposed to. Also custom made doors catering to different aspects of danger are also manufactured to ensure the safety of the capital and the surroundings of the work place.

Ezzi Engineering houses the most efficient of the human resource which look after the department and works a lot on the research and development for the methods to improve the tensile strength of these doors. These doors are not only immaculately made but are very presentable offering a very professional and presentable look.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Importance of nurse call system in hospitals

Opening eyes in one of the rooms of a hospital after a surgery where even you have your breakfast served on bed is not much pleasing. You cannot move your hands due to cannula supplying you with medicines, sitting and standing without support is not possible and you need your loved ones around to support you. Staying at a hospital can never be easy for any one, inspite of the fact that most hospitals provide modern facilities and supportive care giving atmosphere to their patients. But still hospital is a must go place.

A nurse is someone all the patients trust after the doctor. She has to be alert at all times whenever needed giving positive hopes like a glass half full type. Nurse Call System is what all hospitals and health care facilities need.

All hospitals have the old traditional button which is fixed at the head or sides of all the beds for the patients to press in case they need help. But technology has advanced generations ahead and today's latest Wireless nurse call system can handle the job much more effectively. Ezzi Engineering has been incorporating the most innovative systems in their hospitals solutions in Pakistan.

Nurse Job is not easy; she has to stay on foot. Nurse Call System helps her to stay connected with patients. Few of the major advantages of Nurse Call System by Ezzi Engineering include;
  • Keeping a real time log of the patients and services offered 
  • The device does not make much noise, operates silently using a very low voltage
  • Patients can immediately contact the concerned nurse whenever needed, especially at the time of emergency
  • The system clearly shows room numbers and bed of the patient for the nurse to reach immediately even if she is in the corridor without making any mistakes
  • The system is much reliable and easy to use. 
Today's healthcare is a challenging task, many new diseases have risen up, number of injuries due to accidents and tragic event have increased; everyday number of patients are increasing. To tackle this huge challenge a proper planned hospitals solutions in Pakistan is needed which best can serve the humanity. Ezzi Engineering provides most innovative Nurse Call System which caters to all the needs of patients, hospitals and the nursing department.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Fire Doors and their significance

There are materials and work procedures which are risky and catch fire easily. These materials we use in our operations and are bound use them as they entail an important part of our work procedures. So what to do? How to ensure maximum security? How to ensure that there remains no threat to life and the capital?

Ezzi Engineering for such fragile conditions and optimal safety offers fire proof doors to ensure that even if any material catches fire it doesn’t conduct through the entire facility. This makes things easy to manage and control. At times lack of such back up plans can lead to serious loss of human life and property. The process of retention of employees and safety of their working conditions couldn’t be ensured. All these things cause a serious threat to the organization. Hence security and safety of the human resource should be the top priority for all businesses.

Ezzi Engineering has always been around promising perfection in the minute details of the mechanics of its make. The fire proof doors are a sign of deep precision and work of brilliance. Our engineers work at length to ensure that the fine details of the door are ensured to leave no gaps in our product.

This quality and deep thought given only makes us favourite amongst our clientele. Also the value for cost deepens the employee-clientele bond. Before and after sales services are all our concerns. The trust they hold on to us represents a deep one, as they trust us with a man’s most important things; life and property.

Ezzi Engineering has managed to keep the trust alive for years and successfully continues to do so. Today Ezzi Engineering stands apart from all other service providers for their promise to utmost quality, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Nurse Call System

Life is precious and we take care of it. God forbid if something bad happens people rush to the hospitals and rely on it for treatments. Hospitals daily have to face patients with life and death situations and therefore they try to provide best facilities and care which saves lives. When someone's survival is at stake no hospital wants to take risk.

Hospitals solutions in Pakistan

One of the most important thing a patient needs in a hospital is attention and care, nurses are trained to provide the patients a comfortable environment. Wireless nurse call system have become a part of hospitals, whenever nurse is needed she can report to the patient or the doctor urgently. This can be a positive change in our country that even nurse call system is an important element in most of the Hospitals in Pakistan.

A nurse call system is available at hospitals and nursing homes. It is a technology worthy of need. Ezzi Engineering has provided a quick and efficient system to many hospitals. It has a huge range of systems available to fit in various requirements. Even people have preferred to use the nurse call system at residential places as simply a call system for people in huge homes. Ezzi Engineering provides best Hospitals solutions in Pakistan

Features of a Wireless nurse call system

Different Wireless nurse call system by Ezzi Engineering come with different features, along with call tracking few have touch screen facilities and two ways call facilities. This helps in communication in a better way; their reach ability is high and can be detected in different areas. Further they are quiet flexible, reliable and strong enough to meet the Patient solutions in Pakistan and elsewhere in all hospitals and healthcare units.

The Nurse Call System is wireless and user friendly, it is easy to operate and no training has to be provided. Ezzi Engineering will install the systems within no time without interrupting the hospital environment. These units ensure to provide a peace of mind and both the hospital nurses and the staff will be available for the patients whenever needed.


  • A Nurse Call system has many benefits, few can be;
  • the response time between patients response and the nurse or a the staff improves
  • much of the noise is reduced in the hospital and communications are quietly carried out but in more effective ways
  • Patients sense of satisfaction and reliability improves
  • and much much more


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