Thursday, 19 May 2016

XgardIQ; Gas Detector loaded with intelligent and excellent features!

Since forty five years, Crowcon has been coming up with groundbreaking Gas Detecting Products in the aim of saving lives. Crowcon now announces the launch of its new Gas detector and Transmitter; XgardIQ, which is fully loaded with intelligent and excellent features!

Today, modern plant environments differ to a great extent presenting multifarious gas detection challenges that require careful management. To overcome with this issue, XgardIQ has common transmitter for Crowcon's full range of sensor technologies.

XgardIQ has hot swappable sensors modules which can let you easily swap the sensors with only one hand and that too without using any tools. This reduces much of the time which is consumed in maintenance.

The operators are fully aware about the detectors reliability by Crowcon’s exclusive Positive Safety
feature. It alerts the user if any irregular events occur which may hinder the product’s activity and thus they are remained alert in extreme conditions.

XgardIQ can be easily retrofitted with existing systems without the use of any cables or hardware changes and it has lower power consumption and running cost. While in new builds, XgardIQ reduces costs as it can be installed with a sealed dummy module which protects the device until commissioning takes place.

For further details and installation of the latest Crowcon Gas Detector, contact now at Ezzi Engineering.


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