Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tackling growing security concerns

Since long time back we are using keys and locks to secure our place but this is no longer reliable. Keys can easily be duplicated and locks can be broken by intruders therefore the trend is shifting to card access systems in offices and industries. CCTV and Card Access Control is the latest method which enhances intrusion and security in the building.

Few noteworthy advantages of CCTV and Card Access Control include;

        ·         increased security and more privacy
        ·         only restricted entrance allowed
        ·         difficult to duplicate
        ·         In case the card is lost the database can be used to issue a new one, and if any employee leaves his card can be cancelled within seconds. There is no need to change the locks.
        ·         There is just one card to carry, not a huge bunch of keys. Wherever you need access place the card and the system will open the gates. 

Many private and government institutions including universities, hospitals, banks etc. rely on CCTV and Card Access Control for their security and convenient operations. Due to the increased violence and threat cards are becoming necessary, they have limitless options and its settings can be changed depending on the situation. Theft can be prevented too much extent by refraining the outsiders entry at restricted private places.

Security concerns are growing, Ezzi Engineering provides fully integrated CCTV and Card Access Control which is controlled by the building management system. Ezzi Engineering's building management system integrates the access controls of alarms and CCTV system which triggers in case a wrong person enters without a permit.

The system is too quick and immediately alarms the security personnel to take rapid action. The system is responsive and effective and compared with its benefits the overall cost of the system is nothing. Ezzi Engineering provides such systems for all commercial and public places.

The building management system operates the spying hidden cameras and closely monitors the entry and exit points. Ezzi Engineering CCTV and card access control ensures complete safety of your place. To contact them log on to www.ezziengineering.com


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