Friday, 12 July 2013

A Complete & Compatible Fire Alarm System

There has been a continuous upsurge in the anxiety and threat to the security of one’s own life amongst the people of Pakistan. Everyday unexpected attacks, blasts and arson have taken a common toll on the lives of the citizens of the country. Every measure is however taken by the government along with other public and private bodies to ensure a certain level of security for these innocent lives.

Ezzi Engineering established since 1996 has been serving the country with reliable and leading fire alarm system integrators. The company has allied with various foreign giants like the Honeywell, Protectwire, Crowcon etc to form the most customized fire alarm system for the clientele of the country.

Ezzi Engineering has now established its presence as a renowned fire alarm system integrator in the cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Its systems are parts of many offices and business settings around the country displaying a successful trend and a reliable system of network.

Today where arson and sudden unexpected fire accidents pose a continuous threat to the country, we at Ezzi Engineering consider it our moral responsibility to aware the people and business of the essentiality and importance of a reliable and trustworthy fire alarm system. A fire poses threats whose destruction sometimes is unfathomable. A treasure of the world could be rendered useless and ashen by the mocking mirth of an unguarded fire.

To safeguard assets and of course the foremost family, loved ones and colleagues is the top priority of any sane individual or business. Ezzi Engineering provides that security which you and the ones you value deserve.

The Vigilon Conventional Fire Alarm System, Vigilon Addressable Fire Alarm System with Multiplexed and Intelligent systems are the competencies of the Ezzi Engineering Fire Alarm System. The services are comprehensive and complete ranging from design and consultancy assistance, in life saving and automotive infrastructure.


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