Tuesday, 17 September 2013

C-TEC's 800 Series Call System brings more reliability and speed in Nurse Call Systems

Whenever the construction of a new hospital starts, its top priority is the safety and experience of the patients. In order to achieve this objective the hospital tries to provide best healthcare facilities to its patients. The most essential element in designing any hospital is to make an efficient and quick nursing system which would immediately respond to both medical and non medical needs. Ezzi Engineering is one of the best companies which has perfect solutions for hospital's nursing needs. With the advancement of technology Ezzi Engineering has moved from using conventional systems to analogue nurse call systems. These are digitalizes systems which are quicker and more effective then olden day ones.

By installing the new nurse call system by Ezzi Engineering the hospital can benefit as the satisfaction level of the patient rises and he feel less anxious and safe after being ensured that his request is heard quickly. The patient is at ease as his problems are promptly dealt with. As far as the staff is concerned, they are now able to quickly respond to patients needs and take good care of them. In case of emergency quick actions can be taken and nursing staff is called in the fastest possible manner. Administration department also ensures that when the overall system is quick and the staff is doing his job on proper time, the hospital runs smoothly and successfully.

The conventional call system by Ezzi Engineering is a trusted and effective system; C- TEC's 800 Series call system contains ceiling pulls, wall-mounting call points, monitoring points, water resistant alert points, stainless steel call points, over door lights, remote sounders, relays and call latch modules which are all integrated with indicator panels and extensive array of system components. It is one of the most reliable call System available in the market and the C- Tec 800 series call system is being used in many private, commercial, residential and public sector buildings. The system is very simple and useful and permits attendants, staff members and patients to call for assistance, it ensures that the call has proceeded and is the caller attended or not. There is an optional emergency call facility to be used when needed.

The 800 Series call system can also detect if the person is attacked by optional infrared staff attack facility and it permits the unauthorized access by monitoring the storage cupboards, cash offices and stock rooms. The call system examines doorbells, telephones, machineries and much more. It has various applications which could be useful for hotels, leisure places, hospitals, shops, nursing rooms and offices. The system is very easy to operate, can be simply installed and easily used. To get this useful, efficient and trustworthy Nurse Call System go to www.ezziengineering.com and read about its services and products.


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