Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Reducing causalities during disasters

 Disasters will happen and we cannot stop them, may it be natural or due to human mistake. But what we can do is safeguard ourselves against these disasters so that minimum loss occurs. Keep our surroundings well equipped with fire and life safety measures and keep track of everything going around us.

 Minds are sharper today; many commercial projects today have turned to building management system or building automation systems. This not only safeguards the place during normal routine days but also makes it ready for a disaster to strike.
 The building management system by controls intrusion and security of the building, it is responsible for smooth functioning of HVAC and other systems installed in the building. During the event of any disaster the BMS alerts the systems to take precautionary measures.

 In emergency situations the BMS triggers the alarm to alert the occupants to leave the building. The emergency and exit light solutions start up and people know various ways of exit. This reduces much of loss. In case of gas leakage the gas detection system triggers and alerts people around to take precautionary measures immediately.

 Fire breakdown at any place is a huge disaster and it leads to huge mishaps but with building management system we can reduce the losses. The system will design several fire zones within the building and during any such event the system will produce fresh air in places of exit so that maximum people can leave the premises without suffocating.

 It also shuts down fire doors automatically to stop the fire from spreading in the whole building and starts fire fighting tools which can minimize the danger. Ventilations switch on and people can rush towards emergency exits.

BMS by Ezzi Engineering

 Stay prepared for all disasters and keep your building well equipped with all security equipments. Turn to building management system by Ezzi Engineering and be prepared for anything. Stay safe.


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