Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Smart hospital solution in Pakistan

Technology when used properly can do wonders. Looking at the past few years' human brain has designed most innovative technological products which have changed our lives completely. Mobile phones were just build for calls but now they contain numerous features, once huge computers have been replaced by handy tabs and laptops, paying bills or transferring money is all done online; similarly Nurse Call System have been modernized to cater today's hospital needs.

Times have changed
Hospitals solutions in Pakistan need a proper integrated  Nurse Call System which can fulfil all the requirements and improve communication between patient and hospital staff/ nurse in the hospitals. Gone are the days when hospital seemed to be a dreadful place with shabby walls, dome lights, continuous voices from corridor speakers, patients changing television channels using their pillow speakers and hospital staff and nurses rushing at all places.
Ezzi Engineering provides Wireless nurse call system to all hospitals and healthcare centres. Its systems are most innovative and build to cater the needs of today's patients improving communication, speed and the workflow system. Wireless nurse call system has improved the care delivered at hospitals. They provide the optimal Patient solutions in Pakistan.
Best place for Nurse Call System
A nurse call system is usually located at an inpatient bed which can initiate communication. The button is nearest to the patient mostly on the pillow speaker which is most convenient for him. Usually at the place where other controls including lights, television, room temperature and others are located. Whenever patient needs nurse assistance he can press the button and instant message will be delivered.
Complete hospital and patient solution
A Nurse Call System by Ezzi Engineering is an effective tool which will positively answer all the patients' questions and influence greatly on satisfaction level like;
·         How was I treated in the hospital?
·         How quickly assistance was provided?
·         Did they bring medicines promptly when suddenly severe pain occurred?
·         How much help was provided?

When it is a matter of life and death no compromises should be made, a patient enters into a hospital only if it can trust the place to save him.  Nurse Call System plays positive role in fulfilling hospitals responsibilities towards a patient. It not only shows nurses commitment and promptness but is extremely effective to tackle emergency situations. 


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