Friday, 25 November 2016

The first G 36 Cable Tray System!

Ezzi Engineering takes pride in announcing the first G 36 Cable Tray System!
Manufactured from Prime Quality Japanese Standard ISL’s 36 - 38 microns Galvanized Iron Steel is in line with NEMA standards and comes in all types & sizes mentioned in Ezzi Cable Trays standard product catalogue.
With usual Cable Trays being of 6 – 9 Microns, G36 – with 36 microns Zinc coating enhances anti corrosion properties which makes it at least 4 to 6 times longer life than normal commercial GI cable trays. Its life is almost equal or even slightly enhanced as compared to the life of HDGAF Cable Trays.
In fact they are much convenient to install & have smart esthetic look after installation, as compared to the HDGAF Cable Trays. And the exciting part is that it is at least 60% economical than HDGAF Cable Trays & just around 19% higher than normal prime quality 6- 9 microns GI Cable Trays.

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